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10 Beautiful Beaches in Malaysia

Malaysia is a well-known country in the South-east Asia with beautiful beaches and Islands that are located at the amazing destination. The pleasant experience at the beaches that take you away from the bustling city to enjoy the white sandy beaches and blue water ocean. A relaxing holiday with the enjoyment of the many water-sports recreational activities which take you away from the hustle and bustle of the city’s life. It gives an opportunity to click photographs in the spectacular scenery. Some hotels in Malaysia consists the private beach area for the full access of the accommodated visitors with the facility to enjoy the candlelight dinner near the beach area. It really takes them on an exciting time to enjoy with your loved ones and make it a perfect holiday gateway.

1. Rawa Island:-


Rawa Island is a small & well-known Island for the tourists with the sandy beaches and turquoise which make it a perfect holiday destination. The ultimate beach in Malaysia offers a smooth and super-fine environment for the lovers to enjoy holidays in a romantic way. It’s an ideal destination is full of the crowd on public holidays as it organizes many watersports recreational activities including scuba diving, snorkeling and fishing. The activities are performed under the guidance of the instructors with all the equipment to give them a safe experience.

2. Sipadan Island:-


Sipadan Island is an amazing tourist destination which attracts tourists from all over the world. A paradise for the visitors that provides shelter to more over 3000 species of the Marine life including sharks, turtles, rays and barracudas. A recognized diving spot is filled with the colorful fish and corals which take you to explore the wildlife. A pleasant and memorable experience with amazing sunset views give an opportunity to enjoy photography in the spectacular scenery which makes it the best holiday destination.

3. Sapi Island:-


Sapi Island is located off to the downtown Kota Kinabalu & Sabah which is a perfect destination with banana boat rides, paragliding, and jet skies. A perfect spot with many beach activities which offers an opportunity to enjoy many adventurous activities with the huge monitor lizards with many speed boat services including transfers and lunch. The amazing tourist destination which offers the enjoyment of the many adventurous activities at the Kinabalu National Park that gives a pleasant experience.

4. Perhentian Kecil Island:-


Perhentian Kecil Island is one of the best beach areas which highlights the blue water, turtles and small sharks. A perfect spot for the budgeted travelers that offers a wide variety of accommodation facilities. The Island has the sandy beach areas that are perfect spots to organizes with the water-sport activities. The places can be easily accessible by a boat which is a cheap mean of transport. It must be avoided by the visitors from October to February because of heavy rains during the monsoon season

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5. Kapalai Island Beach:-


Kapalai is a sand bank Island which seems romantic, impressive and fascinating destination. The unique Island is a stand-alone unit, stands above the huge sandy banks which offers space for the awesome private wedding. The beach area is a perfect gateway to enjoy the romantic time with your loved ones.

6. Lang Tengah Island Beach:-


Lang Tengah Island Beach located on the East coast of Malaysia which is a crowded beach area to enjoy many water sports recreational activities. Enjoy the snorkeling and scuba diving near the beach area which attracts locals and divers. The Island can be easily accessible by boat which boasts a budgeted resort. The resort at the beach area is not of the international standard but a before visiting there a pre-booking confirmation is necessary.

7. Redang Island Beach:-


Redang Island consists the most popular beach area that attracts many locals as well as exotic visitors. A well-known area that features the crystal clear water and white sandy beaches which offer an opportunity for the visitors to enjoy the beauty of the place. Explore many water sports recreational activities at the beach area where you will see the shops, restaurants, cafes and more. The beach area is one of the less expensive places which takes the honeymooners on romantic escapes. A highly recommended area with Marine Park which is considered the best place for the snorkeling and diving.

8. Mataking Island Beach:-


Mataking Beach is one of the best beaches in Malaysia which is at some distance from the east coast of Sabah. A popular place in Malaysia is a scheduled spot for the minimal visitors that offers diving, snorkeling and non-motorized water sports activities. A perfect gateway to the spa center, private bungalow and outdoor Jacuzzi which takes visitors on romantic escapes with the special arrangements that are made for the honeymooners, weddings and private parties. A highly recommended place to experience in Malaysia with the water sports activities that make the trip memorable.

9. Cenang Beach, Langkawi Island:-


Cenang beach is a popular destination and Island for the beach lovers where sandy beaches give an amazing feeling to the visitors. The beach is a quite nice and better place which seems busy during the public holidays. The amazing tourist destination offers opportunities to enjoy at the better place which make it a more beautiful spot for the travelers. A well-known place with some of the nice beaches offers opportunities for the locals and exotic travelers to have the unlimited fun.

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10. Mantanani Island Beach, Sabah :-


Mantanani Beach is located in Sabah, allows visitors to enjoy the sun, sand and sea area. 3 resorts are built at the beach area which offers many activities including snorkeling, fishing and diving. A popular highly recommended area which is very popular sightseeing in the shallow water. Visit the beaches give a pleasant experience to the toddlers which is a quick Island and a diving Island which gives visitors an experience to visit the beach.

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