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10 Best Outdoor Adventure Activities in Malaysia

Malaysia is a land of Bio-diversity and natural beauty which also hosts many adventurous activities to make it the best tourist destination. For the thrill seekers, Malaysia hosts activities like white water rafting, jet skiing, scuba diving, Mount Biking, wind surfing and Bungee jumping. Adrenaline Pumping Adventure offers an ample opportunity for the visitors to experience the excitement that surely catches the breath of the riders.

Here is a list of top 10 adventurous activities that makes your trip wonderful and excited:-

1. Jet Ski Langkawi:-jet ski langkawi

Jet Ski is the amazing water-sport adventurous activity in Langkawi for zipping through the water at a high speed. The tour is designed for the visitors to explore the Islands, water areas, Marine life, caves and beaches. All the equipment, life jackets, snorkel gears and wet shoes are provided to the riders during activity. It’s a mega water-sport activity which offers opportunity to explore the water areas where visitors are recommended to carry water bottle and towel with them.

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2. Scuba Diving:-scuba diving malaysia

Scuba diving is one of the popular water sport activity which gives a pleasant experience of diving in the deep sea ocean. The amazing activity is performed near the beach area which gives a pleasant experience of diving in the deep sea ocean and mingle with the aquatic creatures. Underwater diving allows divers to use life jackets, breathing equipment and open circuits. The activity is performed under the guidance of the experienced instructors and gives a safe experience to the divers.

3. Windsurfing:-wind surfing malaysia

Windsurfing is another amazing water-sport recreational activity that gives peace of mind to the wind surfers. The thrilling activity is a combination of sailing and surfing which gives unbeatable feeling to the performer. The activity offers challenging level for the person with the unlimited access to the ocean, lakes and waterways. A safe opportunity for the rider to enjoy the enormous performances which are lined with the tropical plant, coconut trees and white sandy beaches.

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4. Whitewater rafting:-white water rafting malaysia

Whitewater Rafting is one of the most exciting core activity in Malaysia which is available at most of the parts of Penisula Malaysia. The thrilling water-sport includes breaking glass of rocks, dislocating shoulder and hit by a paddle that encourages visitors to stay alert and listen to the instructions of the rivers. A raft is used for the activity which navigates the river and other bodies of water. The thrilling activity presents a new and challenging environment and its evolved from individual paddling to the double bladed paddles.

5. Mount climbing:-mount climbing malaysia

Mount climbing is the most exciting activity which offers an opportunity for the visitors to climb high at the mountains. Wide range of mountain trails can be seen in the Peninsula Malaysia which offers exciting experience for the climbers. Mount Climbing is the wonderful way to discover the unique natural landscapes as it gives a challenging level for the climbers. Unique natural landscapes and bio-diversity of Malaysia presents a comfortable and thrilling experience as there are performed under the guidance of the experienced instructors. The activity need no prior experience as these are performed under the guidance of the experienced instructors.

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6. Trekking:-trekking in malaysia

Trekking is the most exciting adventurous activity to perform in Malaysia. It takes visitors to discover the natural attractions where many opportunities are there for the trekkers to climb high. Many places for the activity and conservation area make it a perfect trekking destination that offers a thrilling experience to the curious traveler.

7. Canopy walk and Poring Hot Spring:-canopy walk poring hotspring malaysia

Canopy walk is the most amazing adventurous activity which presents the views of the surrounding rain-forests from the height. It’s the most liked thrilling activity which gives a pleasant and memorable experience to the travelers. An activity to walk along the trails which takes visitors to discover the natural wonders. Enjoy the spectacular views of the rain-forest and at the end take a soothing dip in the natural hot spring as the tour seems incomplete without canopy walk and Poring Hot spring.

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8. Skydiving:-skydiving malaysia

Skydiving is the exciting adventurous activity which guides you to experience the free fall at a high speed. The popular activity that gives a thrilling experience to the diver as it is considered mandatory for the riders to be physically fit. During the free fall, the diver accelerates towards the ground at the terminal velocity of 190 km per hour. Sky diving is an exciting sport activity to experience the free-fall diving with a view of the landscapes of the peninsula Malaysia. It also gives visitors a chance to become a licensed skydiver.

9. Bungee Jumping:-bunjee jumping malaysia

Bungee jumping is the most exciting activity performed at the Sunway Lagoon theme park. The park is divided in to 5 different parts where one of them is the extreme park that gives endless fun to the visitors. It’s a free fall jumping from the 22m/72ft high platform which is equivalent to the height of the 9 storey building. A Bungee cord is attached with the diver and gives an endless, thrilling and exciting experience to the performer.

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10. Mount Biking:-mount biking malaysia

Mount Biking is the most exciting adventurous activity which takes visitors to ride a bike on the mountain trails. Mountains in Malaysia are the best way to enjoy the biking in the natural and coastline scenery where you pass through the isolated villages, farmlands and beaches. It is considered a home to the most accessible jungles where diverse flora, fauna and cultural attractions can be seen by the bikers at the time of biking. The magnificent spot to ride a bike with a view of the glorious scenery fills the bikers with lots of fun and excitement. A water bottle and trail map is must to be carried at the time of mount biking.

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