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10 Things To Know About Singapore

Singapore is the best tourist destination with modern skyscrapers, colourful buildings, parks and natural reserves. It is essential to know about the Singapore for a smooth and stress-free trip. Singapore is the place for the diverse culture which gives you ample opportunity to know about the rules, facilities, transportation and hotels in Singapore which takes you to enjoy the hassle-free holidays.

10 Things To Know About Singapore

1. Best time to visit:-

It is considered as a major concern to know about the best time to visit Singapore for the full enjoyment. Singapore has the perfect blend of many amazing wonders, enjoyment and fun that leaves alluring impressions over the minds of the visitors. Singapore can be visited at any time throughout the year but November to March is known as the best time to visit Singapore as during this time the climate is perfect for enjoying the outdoor activities.

singapore city tour

Singapore City Tour

2. Entry Documentation & Airport Tax:-

Entry documentation and Airport Tax is a mandatory process for the visitors. All the documents including ID, Visa, Passport and more must be with you at the time of checking at the airport so that you don’t have to face any inconvenience. There will be service tax at the airport for the exotic passengers and everyone has to clear all the formalities.

3. Culture and tradition:-

singapore culture and tradition

Singapore has many religious places like mosques, church as well as Temples which gives you a glimpse of the diverse culture. In Singapore, visitors from every region can be seen at the tourist places and they are free to enjoy the stunning scenery of the beautiful attractions. Indian festival Diwali is celebrated in little India which gives a pleasant and memorable experience to all.

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4. Currency:-

singapore currency

While you are in Singapore, take some cash and credit cards with you to buy souvenirs, taste delicious foods and enjoy activities. Most of the shopping centres in Dubai accept Australian Dollar, US Dollar and British Pound. Money exchange offices are available in Singapore at the banks, hotels and also at the airport but make sure that you are dealing at the licensed money exchange counters.

5. Food:-

singapore food

Singapore is a famous tourist destination which is known as a paradise for the seafood lovers. In Singapore, explore the wide variety of the seafood at the outlets that gives you a really pleasing experience with the savour of delicious cuisines. There are also Chinese and Indian food outlets which gives a really amazing experience to the veg-food lovers.

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6. Hotel Accommodation:-

singapore hotel accommodation

It is considered a good idea to know about the best luxurious hotels that provides best accommodation facilities to the travellers in Singapore. Find the budgeted hotels with in your reach which provides best accommodation, fine dining and warm hospitality. Singapore has the availability of hotels, resorts and villas near the famous landmarks which gives you a memorable experience.

7. Transport:-

singapore transport

Singapore has the best transportation facilities that helps you in commuting at the major attractions. Wide variety of taxis, buses and metro facilities are easily available at every corner that make your trip convenient. Taxis in Singapore are available at the cheaper rates but at the time of peak hour they charge extra surcharge from the visitors.

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8. Health and insurance:-

health and insurance

Singapore has a number of well- maintained and fully equipped hospitals where you find the team of experienced doctors. Climate and food can be the reason for visiting a doctor in Singapore so travel insurance helps you in recovering your expenses and you need not to pay any single penny there.

9. Crime, Law and Safety:-

crime law and safety

Singapore is a safe country where crime is uncommon to see as there are strict punishment for the crime committers. Smoking is banned at the public places such as shopping areas, malls, offices as well as the places which are not air conditioned. Consumption of Drugs and Chewing Gum is strictly prohibited in Singapore.

Top Attractions in Singapore

10. Diversity:- 


Singapore is a land of diversity where you find all types of fun and enjoyment for the all age persons. It takes visitors for enjoy the natural beauty, adventurous activities and many more that can be find at the Single place. It offers a pleasant experience to the visitors of the different region, taste and culture and make it a perfect place to enjoy holidays.


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