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Avoid Culture Shock! Some Things You Should Know about Dubai before You Visit

Avoid Culture Shock! Some Things You Should Know about Dubai before You Visit

Dubai is recently ranked 7th among the most visited cities in the world and it has dazzled more than 14 million visitors last year with architectural wonders, glittering skyline, luxury hotels, and huge shopping malls.

There is no lack of reasons for you to visit Dubai on your next vacation (for example, sky diving on Palm Jumeirah, the astounding Burj Khalifa, and enjoying the Friday brunch). But there are still some important things you should know to avoid culture shock when you visit Dubai for the first time.

It’s a heaven for foodies :-

There is nothing better than Dubai when it comes to dine out. The city has very exciting food culture. Here, you can taste sumptuous mezze spreads, candy-sweet dates, and well spiced grilled meats. When trying local dishes is vital, you can easily find the restaurants that can match every palate. Whether you desire delightful sashimi flown at Tsukiji Market in the morning, or hankering sprinkled with truffles, you can find them all.

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Tipping in Dubai :-

Tipping in Dubai
Offering tip is a tradition in Dubai, but it is not as compulsory as in the US. Just consider the quality of service they offer and you may not tip if you don’t like the food or service. But if you want to tip someone for their good services, here are general recommendations –

  • Taxi driver – If driving was good, you may round up to the closest note.
  • Waiter/waitress – If service was acceptable, you may tip 10% to 15% of total bill
  • Valet parking – Around AED 5 to 10.
  • Food delivery guy – Up to AED 5 to 10.
  • Hairdresser – Up to 10%.
  • Bellboy – You may tip AED 5 to 10.
  • Spa therapist – According to services needed, AED 5 to 20.

Taxi fares are affordable :-

Taxi dubai
Irrespective of having plenty of luxury shopping options and authentic restaurants, there are still some things in Dubai that are surprisingly cheap. You don’t have to sweat all the way across the vast downtown and choose one of several cabs. The fare starts at just AED 3 in day time and AED 1.6 extra for each added kilometer and most drivers speak in English. For late night pickups and airport transfer, expect a certain amount of fees extra. All in all, cabs are efficient, cheap, and most importantly, air conditioned modes of transport here.

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Dubai is not all about skyscrapers :-

Dubai skyscrapers
When it comes to Dubai, we all are likely to think about the giant 160-storey tall Burj Khalifa. Leaving the glittering and dazzling monoliths aside, the soul of Dubai lies in the ornately designed mosques as well as age-old souks offering everything from spices to valuable clothes. Make a beeline for the white sandy and dreamy beaches or explore the ancient architectural in the Persian quarter, Bastakia.

There are vending machines for almost anything you want
Want to buy perfumes or branded cosmetics? What about a gold bar or electronics? No matter what you wish, you can buy pretty much everything in the well-stocked vending machines in Dubai.

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One of the safest cities in the world :-

One of the safest cities in the world
With strict laws and regulations, both tourists and citizens obviously feel safe wandering the streets in this city. Thanks to relatively low crime rates, you can safely enjoy your weekends without any travel woes.

92% of population in Dubai is Expatriates :-

92% of population in Dubai is Expatriates
Yes, you read it right. There are only 8% of the residents in Dubai who have Emirati passport. Along with it, average age of the city’s population is 27 years old. Hence, many bars, restaurants, and beach clubs are flourishing here because of them.

Hot and Humid Temperature :-

If you are visiting in Dubai, expect to face scorching heat. Adjusting to climate in Dubai becomes even more challenging if you belong to a place where there are four seasons every year. The desert climate here remains the same most of the year. Temperature goes from hot to hotter and it rains only a few days in a year. The average temperature in Dubai is around 77 degrees in winter months, and it crosses 113 degrees in the summer.

The city changes a lot during Ramadan :-

Ramadan is an Islamic festival which is celebrated in Dubai on full flair. If you visit the city during that period, you will witness its calmer side. As Muslims fast throughout the day, most of the restaurants will remain closed.

However, some which remain open usually keep their windows closed with screens as passersby cannot see inside. In the same, way, nightlife also remains dull and some of the leading tourist destinations like Burj Khalifa and various malls remain less crowded. Be sure to dress in a conservative way as it is a custom during the holiday season.

Well the market gets back on its full flair just after Ramadan, i.e. during the festival of Eid al-Fitr. Dubai comes back in track with several parties and grand fashion scene. So, prices rise significantly and hotel rooms fill up instantly. Be sure to book hotel in advance to celebrate Eid here.

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Dressing Etiquettes in Dubai :-

It is one of the most important things you should know if you are visiting Dubai. Obviously, Dubai is located in a Muslim country, the United Arab Emirates, so you should bring clothes to dress modestly in some places. To dress well in this city, you should know the difference between hotel and public places.

Men and women should dress modestly in public places like cafes, malls, public transport, and airport. Though no one will complaint for your dressing, but it is far better to be respectful to the culture here and avoid feeling awkward. On the other side, hotels are international zones. So, you are free to wear attire according to hot weather. There are several beach clubs to lounge in bikinis and beachwear all day. Ladies should always carry a pashmina in their bag all the time when going to public areas, as well as some cover ups and kaftans at the hotel.

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Best Time to Visit Dubai :-

From November to March, the weather remains pleasant and cool, making it the best time to visit. During the summer months from June to August, temperatures break all records of heat.

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