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Explore the Arabian Nights in Dubai through Desert Safari

Dubai is one of the most beautiful cities in UAE which is considered an exciting tourist destination especially for those who wants to spend their quality time in the Arabian tribes. The wonderful city has been introduced as the Arabian culture where fishing, unlimited fun in the desert and entertainment facilities welcome the tourists with open arms. Arab civilization is considered as one of the oldest civilizations that take you to explore the desert safari in a wonderful way. An ideal way to explore the nights and beauty of the attractions in an air-conditioned vehicle. One of the most romantic and magical tours with numerous adventure, entertainment and thrill. The desert safari tour is designed in such a way to give maximum entertainment facilities with dune bashing, sand skiing, camping in the desert. The tour starts around 4:00 PM that gives unique feeling and thrilling experience to the curious visitors.

desert safari


Desert Safari Dubai

Start the tour with dune bashing which boasts the extraordinary destinations with the outstanding blend of the distinct Arabic culture. Dune bashing is a thrilling activity to slide up and down which is recommended to be avoided by the infants and persons with heart or back problem. It endows a perfect experience of sightseeing, adventure and travel which gives ultimate pleasure to the visitors. An opportunity to acquire the distinct flavors of the Arabian existence and observe the captivating beauty with the taste of Arabian tea and coffee. At night, enjoy the traditional live dance performances near the campfire with henna tattooing, shisha piping and camping. Comfortable cushions and carpets are provided to the visitors for the overnight stay in the Bedouin tents. Evening desert safari is the pleasant time to enjoy the photography in the spectacular scenery with amazing sunset views. It endows a perfect experience to enjoy the beauty, charm and hospitality which makes the trip memorable.

Lots to Enjoy:-

lots to enjoy


Arabian deserts are considered as the most suggested excursions which provide the lifetime experience. It is good to collect some information about the facilities and services which are offered to the visitors. Dubai desert safari boasts numerous opportunities for the young, adults and kids to enjoy undulating sand dunes, camel ride and camping that presents the mesmerizing views. An overnight stay allows you to taste the Arabian food, enjoy live dance performances and see amazing sunset views.

Morning Desert Safari Dubai

Facilities Provided To You:-

Facilities Provided To you

Dubai Desert Safari takes you to pamper with the luxury and comfort along with the heavenly views of the setting sun. Luxurious cars are driven in the golden sand of the desert by the experienced chauffeur which holds a valid license. The land cruiser takes you to slide up and down on the never-ending sand dunes. Enjoy the scrumptious buffet meal, henna tattooing, camel riding and shisha piping. Relish and relax in the amazing beauty with the enjoyment of the belly and Tanoura dance performances.

Evening Desert Safari Dubai

Book Your Tour Wisely:-

Book Your Tour Wisely

Desert safari Dubai can be enjoyed in the morning, evening and also for the overnight. You can also plan your safari ride privately which depends on your choice and preferences. The wisely booked tour is the only way to enjoy the delightful, comfortable and hassle free trip. Different exciting packages are offered to the visitors to enjoy the holidays in Dubai and collect memories in your camera. It is good to plan your trip in such a way that you can enjoy all the activities that surely increase your excitement.

Overnight Desert Safari Dubai

Be Guided To Pleasure:-

guided to pleasure


Enjoy the tour with Galaxy tourism which is a reputed and recognized tour operator company that gives you maximum satisfaction. A well-explained trip helps you to know about the desert, surroundings and history of Dubai that can’t be missed during the trip. A guided tour helps you in to enjoy the trip in an authentic way that remains alive in your lifetime memories.

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