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Explore Exotic Animals and Migratory Birds in Singapore

Singapore is the magnificent tourist spot which organises many outdoor, exotic and unusual activities for the participants. The activities are performed at the wildlife parks where diverse species of animals give plenty of opportunity for you to overcome your fear and increase confidence. It gives a real time pleasure to the performer where challenging tasks keep your heart pumping for the entire day. Currently known as the “Lion-city” with many attractive places, wildlife, theme parks and Bird Park. A place that offers opportunity for the visitors to enjoy the company of different birds and animals. The adventure tour that gives visitors a chance to enjoy at the best spot with amazing activities. Night safari, river safari, S.E.A. aquarium, Jurong Bird Park and Dolphin lagoon are the places that give an adventurous experience. See, play and dine with the different aquatic and marine creatures to make the trip memorable and exciting. The best destination that gives a pleasant experience to enjoy with the family or friends.

1. Singapore Zoo:-


Singapore Zoo is a zoological garden, locally known as “Mandai Zoo”. During the last few years, the zoo has become the famous tourist destination with the unsuppressed beauty which allows animals to roam freely in their natural habitats. The zoo is the unique and amazing attraction that can’t be missed in life. See the playing, climbing and swinging of all the creatures at the Zoo that surely doubles your fun. A highly maintained zoo with the coolest waterpark and kids’ world area which is considered a home to the 3600 mammals, reptiles and birds. An opportunity for the visitors to enjoy, play and dine with the wildlife throughout the day where lions can be seen performing at the splash safari. The exhibits at the zoo are divided into 11 different zones which gives you an opportunity to enjoy the jungle food. An immersive experience of enjoying the company of the polar bear, chimpanzee, mouse deer and lions

2. Night Safari:-


Night safari is the 1st nocturnal zoo that opens at night only where 35 min tram ride takes you across 7 geographical zones. It’s the top notch family attraction that gives you a chance to see different animals during your safari. As the day falls, enjoy the fun and amazing views of the night safari. It features the largest collection of wildlife with two giant aviaries which takes you to enjoy different tribal performances. Stroll in to two giant aviaries to enjoy the tribal dance performances of the night creature. An adventurous trip makes your nights really amazing and allows you to take a close view of the wildlife. Enjoy the dance, photography and playing with the different creatures in the more amazing, exciting and unique way.

Singapore Night Safari Adventure Tour

3. Underwater world and Dolphin Lagoon:-


Underwater world in Singapore is the amazing adventurous place in Singapore that takes you to the artificial sea of the aquatic creatures. Dolphin Lagoon is the place to enjoy the company of the pink Dolphins and also enjoy their feeding session. The aquatic theme park is really a great place to touch the softness of the fishes. The underwater world is located on the offshore Sentosa Island which gives an unforgettable experience. The major attractions at the aquatic park are coral reef, sting rays, pink Dolphin, turtles and sharks. It opens from at 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM and offers opportunity to discover marine life, dive with the sharks, swim with pink Dolphins and enjoy their feeding session.

4. River Safari:-


River Safari Singapore is the popular activity at river themed wild life Park that gives a chance to come close to over 5000 animals. Its uniqueness and fun can’t be found anywhere else that gives an experience of wild life around the world’s best water rivers. It’s the newest wildlife park has over 6000 animals of 40 species with largest water aquarium that gives a real time fun for the younger as well as the kids. A chance to explore everything on foot in the soother environment that encounters the pleasing sights during the river journey. Another attraction of the river safari is the flamingo lake where spotted animals are found. Explore the different species of pandas at the giant panda forest which are rust in colour and fox like face. The park features the Amazon River quest which accommodates more than 50 passengers at one time. It opens from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM which takes you to ride over the 8 rare found rivers.

Singapore River Safari Tour

5. S.E.A. Aquarium:- 


S.E.A. aquarium is the world’s biggest aquarium which provides shelter to more than 100000 creatures and 800 species. The tank contains the capacity to take 45 million litters of water where you can see different aquatic creatures swimming in the aquarium. The most liked tourist destination offers the best and major opportunity with the largest collection of Manta Rays. The aquarium contains more over 200 endangered species and an open habitat. Dine the delicious cuisines at the restaurant, located within the premises. An opportunity to see the sharks, a well evolved creature that gives thrilling experience of the aquarium.

6. Jurong Birds Park:-


Jurong Birds Park is one of the most visited parks that has become a fantastic tourist attraction that gives great enjoyment for the family as well as the kids. An ideal place for the bird’s lovers that gives a thrilling and wondering experience to explore something new in their life. This park gives a chance to visitors to know about birds and also an opportunity to see the rarest birds. The park is a home to 5000 birds from 400 species of birds and provides a soothing environment by adding extra comfort to this special tour. It is designed to make you realize that you are roaming in a real forest. Three attractions at the park are Penguins Park, flamingo lake and waterfall aviary. An opportunity to the bird’s lover to play, dine and click photographs with their favourite bird.

Singapore Adventure Tours

7. Singapore Discovery Centre:- 


Singapore Discovery Centre is the best and attractive place that represents the history as well as future of Singapore. A unique holiday destination in Singapore to have fun and explore the beauty of the place. The centre provides opportunity for the visitors to share the story of Singapore with a desire to contribute to the future of Singapore. The attractions of the SDC are XD theatre, soothing gallery and army museum. A multi-sensory engaging learning experiences to a selection of integrated themes that displays the state of art.


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