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Things to Explore in Bali during Holidays

Bali, an island with rich cultural heritage, has many places which make visit a place worth revisits. If you haven’t been to these places in Bali you must have missed something for sure. The list is non-exhaustive:

1) Drink from the fountain of youth at Goa Gajah:-


The place is called as Goa Gajah (Elephant Caves) as they used to serve as schools for hundreds of years in past. The statues of 6 women on the entrance, holding pots on their bellies and water streaming out of them symbolises sip for eternal youth since time immemorial. With overall peace, temple ruins, greenery and a small water fall, the place is ideal for natural beauty admirer.

2) Sunrise View from the Top of Mount Batur :-


For those who love the are early riser, there is this privilege of watching sun rise from the top of Mount Batur which is worth investing it if you can give up your sound sleep and can wake up at 3am in morning. Watching the sun rising from its slumber is indescribable and worth million dollar.

3) Meet your Natives Species in Close Quarter :-


The monkey forest is one of the most famous attractions in Udud, Bali. The forest are densely populated by monkeys which would come close to you, sitting on your shoulder to get hold of their banana bunch which you carry to offer to them.

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4) Climax at Water boom :-


If you want to experience adrenaline rush, then a visit to this theme park is a must. The water sports here are breath-taking and giving a life-time experience. One may enjoy lazy river rides too just in-case danger doesn`t excites you.

5) Underground Labyrinth Goa Gala-Gala :-


It’s a house which resembles more of a labyrinth created using none of the latest tools and technologies but the hammer, chisel and sheer dedication. The place gives a movie like experience to the visitors who are lost in some haunted house.

6) The Golden Hour at Agung Rai Museum of Art (ARMA) :-


The museum where Balinese dance classes are held, has vast collection of German artist Walter Spies , Javanese artist Raden Saleh and many artefacts of Indonesian work by Lempad, Affandi and Le Mayeur.

7) Tegallalang Rice Terraces :-


A picture perfect shooting place or an “instaperfect” place is for those who love to click at every site. The giant paddy field stairs gives place a heavenly look. The cool and breeze area shines brightly when the glossy sunlight falls on water for irrigation.

8) Feel Royale at Ubud Palace :-


Considered as focal of tourist attraction spot, the well preserved place was built in 1800s. The palace features Balinese gardens and beautiful architecture.

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9) Beaches :-


Your trip is not complete if you haven’t been to Bali`s beaches. Lazing around the beaches is favourite time pass for the visitors we well as the residents of Bali.

10) Dolphins at sunrise at Lovina Beach :-


If sea and sea animals calls you then this is a must visit place which you can afford to miss.Lovina is a black sand beach made up of volcanic ash and dolphin dancing around in sea at sunrise is common view here.

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