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Top 10 Gardens in Singapore

Singapore is a major tourist spot where numerous gardens and parks make it famous with the name “Garden city”. Explore the beauty of the various gardens and natural wonders at the popular tourist destination with colorful flowers, lush greenery, plants and shady trees. Singapore is a home to the Orchid flower which can be found in abundance at the national orchid garden. Here is a list of top 10 gardens in Singapore to enjoy the company of nature that surely refresh your mood.

1. Bukit Timah Nature Reserve :-


Bukit Timah is the natural reserve park in Singapore with the most of the challenging trails that offer wonderful views of the reservoir. See the plenty of wildlife & long-tailed monkeys at the primary forest which is a home to the more over 840 flowering plants and animal species. The park boasts the highest summit and forest trails to give an experience of jungle walking, mountain biking and rock climbing. The oldest forest reserve is a home to the diverse flora and fauna which is a great place for the nature lovers and hikers that give panoramic views of the surrounding areas.

2. Chinese and Japanese Gardens :-


Singapore comprises both Chinese and Japanese gardens on the man-made Islands that offers a stunning picture of the Asian design elements. Numerous trees are imported from China which is an interesting mix of landscaping architecture with a wooden bridge, ponds, pebble footpaths and stone lanterns. The major attraction of the garden is the tortoise museum where you can see more over 200 turtles. Two charming gardens are designed according to the Chinese and Japanese architecture where key features are the twin pagodas.

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3. East Coast Park :-


East Coast is the beachfront park in Singapore which offers an array of sporting, dining and other recreational activities. The park is the largest and popular park in Singapore to enjoy the amazing sunset views with fine dining at the restaurants and the hawker center. The beautiful park is spread over 185 hectares, located at the beachfront areas which are a great place for the family picnics and barbecues. Enjoy a wide range of activities such as leisure, walking, dining and entertainment. The sea facing park is the most common place to see the barbecuing, rollerblading, kayaking, fishing and wind surfing.

4. Fort Canning Park :-

fort-canning-parkFort Canning Park is the beautiful landmark in Singapore where large scale events and concerts are organized at the lush gardens of the park. The park is sprinkled with the Singapore’s history and attractions with plenty of staircases and winding paths. A historical garden in the heart of the city is considered the perfect venue for the celebrations. An iconic landmark with lawns, art and natural experiences offers the amazing experience for the family with plenty of walking trails. Lush greenery and lawns at the parks that give art and natural experience for the family.

5. Gardens by the Bay:-


Gardens by the Bay is the amazing site that features the towering super trees to give panoramic views of the natural gardens and architectural wonders. The bay comprises 3 gardens – Bay East, Bay South and Bay central that showcases the horticulture and the artistry. One of the world’s the best gardens is an important tourist destination which includes super trees, skyway, flower dome. 7 different gardens, plants, heritage garden, flower market and 2 lakes with a lovely broad walk and much more offers opportunities to stroll freely. A separate garden is designed for the children with swimming area which remains closed on Monday.

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6. MacRitchie Reservoir Park :-


MacRitchie Reservoir is the oldest park in Singapore with broad walks, running trails & sheltered forested area. The scenic park is a popular spot for the nature lovers with water edge and heart racing run which presents the spectacular scenery of the surrounding rainforests and reservoir. An aerial suspension bridge at the park is the largest water reservoir, located at the center of Singapore which is connected to the nature reserve that allows you to enjoy fishing, kayaking and canoeing. At the nature reserve, see the long tailed monkeys, owls, monitor lizards and other animals.

7. Singapore Botanic Gardens :-


Singapore Botanic Garden is a key recreational park where you can explore the extensive collection of over 60,000 plants with a wide selection of orchids. A bustling park that displays the country’s most beautiful colorful plants which are designed in a unique way with pathways for jogging, strolling or walking. The lake at the park is a great spot for the family or friends to enjoy picnic or concerts. The garden is a home to the different species of Orchid including children’s playing area, lakes, cafe and a museum.

8. Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve :-


Sungei Buloh Wetland reserve is the protected natural park in Singapore where you can see more over 500 species of animals and plants. Morning is the best time to visit the park to see the diverse wildlife, birds and beauty of nature. Singapore’s first heritage park with the mangroves, mudflats, ponds and forests which include the visitor center and new trails to explore and enjoy. The park covers a large area of 130 hectares and can be easily accessed by public transport.

9. Southern Ridges and Its Five Parks and Nature Reserves :-


The southern Ridge in Singapore is a series of hill trails that offer the spectacular views of the Telok Blangah area. The park consists the highest pedestrian bridge where the connecting trails are linked to the Mount Faber Park, Telok Blangah Hill Park, Kent Ridge Park and Labrador Nature Reserve. The ridge is one of the best parks for the lovers of nature which is a home to the myriad flora and fauna. A getaway from the hustle and bustle of the life of the city which is an alternative for the walking enthusiasts.

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10. Pasir Ris Park :-


Pasir Ris is a beach park located in the Eastern part of Singapore, occupies a major area of land which enables visitors to explore the forest. A great place to enjoy activities, pony rides and water sports creations with the families or friends. A wide open space, fitness corner and a playground which is a popular place for the cultural and social interactions. There is also a fitness corner and a playground which provides fun and laughter to the children. The park is a home to the birdlife including milky storks, blue eared kingfishers and buffy fish owls. The ambiance of the park, shady trees, tropical greenery and beds of colorful shrubs make it an ideal spot for the casual walks or picnics.

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