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Top 10 Museums in Singapore

Numerous museums are found in Singapore which exhibits the collection of old art, objects of different culture, historical and scientific importance. Museums have their own values and characteristics which offer a diverse range of artifacts and make you able to find a museum as per your interest. Museums in Singapore help all age persons in knowing about the historical importance which serves a great purpose. Each museum has its own characteristics and values which help you in exploring a wide range of collection of 3D products, historical artifacts and toys.
Here is a list of top 10 museums in Singapore to honor the art & exhibit the visitors.

1. National Museum of Singapore:-


National Museum is the largest museum on the Island, divided into 2 main galleries – History gallery and living gallery. The only place to learn about the history and culture of Singapore includes facilities and research center that tells us the intriguing history of the country. The museum organizes a range of events from an art installation, festivals, and performances to the film screening. The museum focuses on the 4 lifestyle themes – food, fashion, photography & film. Explore the multiple special exhibitions related to the ancient story of Singapore which houses the priceless treasures of the nation.

2. Trick Eye Museum:-


Trick Eye Museum highlights the 3 Dimensional creative arts like painting on walls, floors, ceiling appears to pop-out of the surface. The amazing attractions of the museum force you to touch the scenery & click pictures in your camera. The 3D art gives a memorable experience of optical illusion painting installations that surely boggle your mind. The trick eye museum is globally recognized for its art techniques where major artworks are created.

3. Asian Civilization Museum:-


Asian Civilization Museum is one of the best attractions, located right next to Singapore River. A fantastic museum that displays the Asian culture with a vast collection of the forefathers that spreads the religion between civilizations. Find a wide range of traditional jewelry, ancient books & sculpture that showcases the collection of artifacts of the ancient Islamic world. The museum is the melting pot of cultures in the multi-ethic society with a glimpse of cultures.

4. Singapore Art Museum:-


Singapore art museum provides a fresh experience to appreciate the history of the art. A trip to a wonderful journey, passion & interest shows the fascinating collection of contemporary artwork over the multiple galleries. The museum has been converted into temperature controlled art galleries that focus on the art practices in Singapore. The first eye museum in Singapore which has been built as one of the most important public collections which presents the exhibition-related programs.

5. Mint Museum of Toys:-


Mint museum of toys is located a short walk from art museum on the tiny street, located right from the famous raffles hotel. The museum is the nicest family attraction that thousands of nostalgic toys including an impressive collection of mickey mouse, Donald duck, iPad & iPhone that surely brings out your inner child. See the wolverine superman and Hot wheels car races which are available everywhere with a rare collection of Mickey collectibles.

6. Singapore Philatelic Museum:-



Singapore Philatelic Museum is a fascinating attraction in the island city that hosts the exhibitions throughout the year. The museum is a former part of the Anglo-Chinese school which was restored to become the present museum. The museum consists a stamp shop, archival philatelic material, a glimpse of science, technology, history and culture. The museum also organizes educational events for visitors to discover the heritage of Singapore along with the special exhibitions to promote the learning and discovery.

7. Peranakan Museum:-


Peranakan museum is operated by Asian Civilizations that showcases the unique culture of communities in Southeast Asia. A special dedicated museum contains a distinctive collection of artifacts, furniture and clothing which represents the unique architecture. The museum reflects a perfect blend of cultures to explore the extravagant lifestyle that influences the various tradition of different countries. Major highlights of the museums are intrinsic beadwork tablecloths, shoes, furniture and living culture of Peranakan communities that incorporates the western, Chinese, Malay and Indian region.

8. Heritage Center:-


The Heritage Center is a bustling spot which tells the story of the major ethnic groups in Singapore. The place admires the former residences with the intricately carved wooden doors. There is always something to see and do at the heritage center which add a new atmosphere to the museum. It tells us the story of the major ethnic groups and highlights the people living in this area.

9. Art Science Museum:-


The Art science museum can be visited by walking along the iconic Marina Bay sands. The museum is designed in the shape of the freshly bloomed lotus flower which is an integral part of the cityscape that can’t be missed in life. The museum is dedicated to the exhibitions of art, science, design, technology and architecture where the collection of international exhibitions are very popular among the visitors. A small exhibition center that helps the artists and scientists in developing new and informative products. The exhibitions at the museums are extremely popular and give a glimpse of the complementary artifacts.

10. Singapore Discovery Centre:-


Singapore Discovery Centre is the major tourist attraction that showcases the historical as well as an insight of future. Explore a wide range of fun-filled multimedia interactive presentations, an insight to the nation’s challenge, dreams and aspirations which take you to ultimately click the Singapore’s beat. Major highlights of the gallery are XD theater, shooting gallery and Giant screen format 3D films where you can find a wide range of multimedia games and presentations

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