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Top 10 Places in Malaysia for the Nature Lovers

Malaysia is one of the most prominent countries which is blessed with the tropical climate and lush greenery. The amazing tourist spot gives you a chance to discover the culture of the indigenous tribes. The place introduces the guests to the stunning natural spots where numerous Islands, national parks and rainforests give a chance to explore the diverse species of flora and fauna. A pleasant experience for the nature lovers to spend a night in the forests of the Taman Negara. A multi-ethnic and cultural city plays a vital role in bringing warm and friendly smiles on the faces of the visitors. Jungle trekking, scuba diving and rich bio diversity takes you to boat down the River. Explore the huge caves and swim with the aquatic life to come close to the natural surroundings. The most stunning natural spot takes you to explore the huge caves, swim with the aquatic life and dive in the deep sea ocean. Malaysia consists around 878 Islands, mangroves jungles, high mountains and caves. Malaysia is hot and humid country because of being near the equator where more than 20% of the animal species are found.
Here’s a list of ten of the most popular places throughout the country that fills you in delightful experience.

1. Taman Negara National Park:-


Taman Negara is the oldest national park which is considered a wonderful place to explore the rainforest. Located in the center of the peninsula Malaysia, the national park takes you to spend a night in the rainforest spotting wildlife species. The park covers an area of around 4343 km2 along with the longest suspension bridge gives spectacular views of the park’s bio diversity. The well-known natural hotspot offers many outdoor activities including hiking, shooting, rafting and canopy walk.

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2. Cameron Highlands:-


Cameron Highlands is most extensive hill station in Malaysia which is located high above the sea level. It offers hiking opportunities and stunning views where you can explore the largest flower Rafflesia which blossoms exceptionally rarely. The highland takes you to taste the delicious tea and strawberry jam. The magnificent spot is a hilly area which is low humid where art installation and sculptures make jungle trail more pleasant.

3. Kota Kinabalu National Park:-


Kinabalu national park is the amazing tourist spot and natural habitat that allows you to explore the diverse flora and fauna. The park features the Mount Kinabalu which is around 4095 meter high from the sea level. One of the most scared place in Kuala Lumpur that allows you to enjoy climbing, trekking and hiking. The place attracts the nature lovers and mount climbers for the challenging terrains.

4. Gunung Mulu National Park:-


Gunung Mulu national park encompasses the incredible caves and mountain rainforest which is a home to one of the largest cave chambers in the world. The place also houses the Mount Mulu and a sandstone mountain which features the vast cave networks including rock pinnacles, cliffs and gorges. The attraction at the park include valley walk, medicine plant and waterfall that welcomes the visitors to feel the culture and hospitality. The national park is a historical and geological wonder which features the largest underground river system.

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5. Langkawi Island:-


Langkawi Island is the magnificent tourist spot includes 99 Islands which is surrounded by the turquoise sea. The place has been designated as the best tourism which attracts visitors from all over the world to admire the magical beauty. Explore beautiful beaches, mangroves and world class infrastructure which are rich in diverse flora and fauna. The Island boasts the gorgeous beaches and excellent diving opportunities. Iconic structures, expansive parks and natural landscapes are the most popular attractions of the Island.

6. Redang Island:-


Redang Island is an awesome spot for the scuba divers, beach lovers, snorkelers to look the quite corner of the world. The Island include white sandy coastline, scheduled beaches and crystal clear blue water which offers extensive opportunity for you to swim amidst the coral reef. The Island is well known for the crystal clear water which is known as the perfect spot for fishing, diving and snorkeling. The pristine beach at the Island allows you to leisure, bask the sun and also enjoy water sports recreational activities with the help of equipment.

7. Bako National Park:-


Bako national park is situated at the mouth of the Bako and Kuching rivers which is a popular place for the nature lovers. One of the oldest national parks in the state features the rainforest and coastal ecosystem. The place offers panoramic views to the seaside lovers. The national park is considered an ideal spot to provide shelter to the marine as well as aquatic creatures. Explore the extensive trail system, different lizard species, monkeys, squirrels and also mouse deer at the park.

8. Sipadan Island:-


Sipadan Island consists many excellent diving sites which is famous for steep walls, coral reefs, sea turtles and sharks. Formerly operating Island with one of the richest marine life allow visitors to enter and stay overnight there. One of the most beautiful tourist spot is located in the heart of the Indo Pacific Basin is a small and paradisiacal Island. The best diving spot where you can explore the turtles and hawksbill. The world famous Island takes you to the equator which allows visitors to enjoy the water sports recreational activities. The Island is the perfect diving destination which gives you a chance to enjoy the underwater photography.

9. Gunung Ledang National Park:-


Gunung Ledang national park in Malaysia is located between the states of Malacca and Johor. A mountain is also located at the national park which allows visitors to enjoy the adventurous activities which features the priceless beauty. The national park also features a resort and a cool bathing pool at the bottom.

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10. Tioman Island:-


Tioman Island is the most well-known small Island in Malaysia which takes visitors to the eastern shores. It takes visitors on a new venture for little exploration on land as well as underwater. The Island consists few commercial Islands which is surrounded by the coral reefs that make it a popular diving spot. A hot and humid Island with tropical rainforests that offer opportunities to explore the jungle trekking.

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