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Top 10 Theme Parks in Singapore

Singapore is a city-state with the conservative reputation where you can explore the thrilling and attractive rides. Different adventurous activities are performed at the theme parks which gives a memorable experience to the visitors. Exciting, funny and thrilling activities at the theme parks provide unlimited fun to the visitors. Universal studio, river safari, night safari, Ifly, snow city and Singapore Zoo are considered the best holiday spot. These places give you the experience to relax and have fun at the amazing tourist destination that makes you able to enjoy the fun-filled activities.

Top 10 theme parks in Singapore are found which give exciting, thrilling and adventurous experience to make your trip memorable.

1.) Singapore Discovery Center:singapore discovery centre

Singapore Discovery Center is the amazing place to experience the excitement and enjoy the holidays in the best possible way. The discovery center displays the history of the city and allows you to discover the facts about Singapore. Indoor exhibits of Singapore include a theater, Gateway and portals which are the place to enjoy a wide range of fun-filled multimedia presentations and games. Major highlights of the Discovery center are shooting gallery, XD theater and giant screen format 3D films.

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2.) Haw Par Villa:haw par villa singapore

Haw Par Villa is an adventurous theme park which contains more over 1000 statues and 150 giant dioramas. The best-known spot where you can see the 10 courts of Hell designed in the Chinese mythology and Buddhism. Major attraction at the place is a 60-meter long trail dragon which is covered by the gray stone walls. A wonderful theme park is built in the million circular shaped house and sprawling garden. A weird tourist spot with the off-beat attraction is the must see place that gives thrilling experience to the visitor.

3.) Adventure Cove Waterpark:singapore adventure cove waterpark

Adventure Cove Waterpark is located in Singapore where amazing fun rides and slides give proper satisfaction to the thrill seekers. A wide range of water based activities with the huge water tunnels that offer unique attractions and fun-filled activities with the never ending list of attractions. Explore a plethora of activities that keep you entertained and enthralled. A rainbow reef contains over 20,000 fish in the natural looking habitat and makes you feel that you are at the bottom of the ocean.

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4.) Wild-Wild Wet:wild wild wet singapore

Wild-Wild Wet is an outdoor water park which is designed to give pleasant and enjoyable experience to the visitors. Thrilling rides, adventurous activities and water sports activities give unlimited fun to the visitors. The amusement park is one of the most popular family attraction that ensures the thrill and spill to the whole family. Heart pumping and family friendly attraction are at the theme park where visitors are provided facilities such as life jackets, baby carriers and children cubicles.

5.) Snow City:snow city singapore

Snow city is an indoor man-made theme park which takes you away from the heat and humidity of the city. The amazing tourist spot to enjoy the amazing activities, thrilling rides and fun which gives an enthralling experience to the visitors. Enjoy the March and activities of the Penguins at the man-made spot which gives a pleasant and memorable experience. A family-centric attraction with fun and enriching educational programs to take the exciting experience.

6.) IFly:ifly singapore

IFly is an indoor theme park where you can enjoy the free-flying like a bird. The amazing tourist spot where all the activities can easily be enjoyed by the experienced as well as the fresher. All the activities are performed under the guidance of the team of the experienced which give a safe experience to all. The thrilling activities at the theme park make the trip memorable and exciting.

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7.) Singapore Zoo:singapore zoo

Singapore Zoo is a well-known zoological garden in Singapore which is considered as one of the best rainforest zoos.  The zoo is operated by the Singapore wildlife reserve that allows animals to roam freely like a jungle.  Interact with the different species of aquatic mammals, birds, mandrills, white tigers, elephants and sea lions. A place where you can click photographs with your favorite creatures with an opportunity to play and dine with them.

8.) Universal Studio:singapore universal studios

Universal studio is an outdoor theme park in Singapore to enjoy many exciting and thrilling activities that are suitable for all age persons. A Hollywood movie theme park features an enticing collection of attractions, rides and entertainment for the families and thrill seekers. The amazing tourist spot features the ultimate 3D battle ride, heart pumping activities and river boat ride. Uniquely designed rides involve the landscapes of the impressive city skyline which give you an experience of the destructive force.

9.) Night Safari:night safari singapore

Singapore Night Safari is the world’s first theme park for the unique animals where you see over 2500 nighttime habitats. The best attraction in Singapore is divided into 6 geographical zones which take you to explore the walking trails with two giant aviaries. Find Malaysian tigers, fishing cats, Asian Elephants and after dark wildlife creatures roaming freely and performing tricks that filled you with humour, surprises and thrill.

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10.) River Safari:river safari singapore

River safari is a themed wildlife park in Singapore where you can meet monkeys, piranhas, pandas and manatees. The wildlife park is nestled between the night safari and Singapore Zoo which is a truly beautiful insight and must visiting attraction for the kids. The place has over 6000 animals of around 40 species which takes you to wander into wild Amazonia and sail on the Amazon River Quest.

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