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Top 10 Things to Know about Malaysia

Top 10 Things to Know about Malaysia

Malaysia is the top notch tourist destination with diversification that make it a perfect spot to enjoy the beauty of attractions, religious places, theme parks and Islands. An ideal place which gives an opportunity to experience the adventurous activities with unlimited fun, thrill and excitement. Certain things must be kept in mind before planning your trip to Malaysia that will surely help you to enjoy a hassle free trip.

Here is a list of top 10 things to know about Malaysia:-

1. Currency:


Every country contains different currency and Malaysia’s currency is Ringgit. Money exchange counters are available at the banks as well as shopping malls which helps you to purchase anything in Malaysia. Most of the hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and departmental stores in Malaysia also accept credit cards. Get your currency exchanged in the form of Ringgit to enjoy shopping and food for the pleasant and memorable experience.

2. Language:


Malaysia is the official language in Malaysia but because of diverse culture people can be seen speaking English pretty well. English is the most common language which helps you to convey your message to the people staying there for a convenient and stress-free trip.

3. Safety:


Malaysia is a safe country where policemen can be seen wandering at the most of the tourist places, bars and beach areas. A proper care of the credit card is necessary at the public places. Malaysian government and policemen are available to give you support and timely help.

4. Healthcare:


A travel insurance is required by the visitors before going to the amazing tourist spot. It’s a safe country so there are less chances of getting ill there but due to climate and food it is possible. At this time, a travel insurance help them to get proper and timely treatment without spending even a single penny and enjoy the tour as per your convenience.

5. Transport:


It is easy to commute in Malaysia because of the comprehensive public transport. Means of transport in Malaysia that are used for going at the different places include rail, bus and taxi. Transport in Malaysia is safe and cheap for the visitors which offers the best experience to enjoy the hassle-free trip. Malaysia’s public transport is usually cheap, less crowded and modern.

6. Visas:


Indian visitors require a valid visa before starting your journey to Malaysia. As many countries don’t require any visa documentation. The citizens of the countries that don’t require a visa entry documentation can enter easily in Malaysia with their passport having a passport with minimum 6 months validity.

7. Malaysia is almost developed:


Malaysia is one of the developed countries which takes you on a comfortable and challenged trip. It organise adventurous activities never make you disappointed and frustrated during your trip. It offers a pleasant opportunity for the visitors to enjoy at the peaceful destination for the most memorable opportunity.

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8. A multi-cultural country:


Malaysia is a land of diverse culture where large number of visitors can be seen that are belonged to the different trade, region and culture. Indian, Chinese, Malaysian and British culture can be seen in Malaysia which make it a popular tourist spot with many enjoyment opportunities. A huge number of different who all speak their own language. Malaysia is one of the most diverse countries in Southeast Asia for the Malays, Chinese, Indians, Indigenous People, and an array of European influence. It’s a perfect spot for hanging with locals and getting off the beaten path.

9. Best time to visit:


Malaysia can be visited throughout the year and it attracts people from all culture, trade and region to enjoy at the peaceful destination. February to April is the perfect time to host ritual activities, May to September is for the all types of adventurous activities including water sports, October to January is beneficial to visit but this is the rainy season and during this time no activities are performed at the beach areas and the beach areas are full of water. Leisure, bask the sun and enjoy the sea shore activities can’t be enjoyed in Malaysia. Weather in Malaysia varies from area to area which offers class range activities.

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10. Environmental issues in the country:


Environment is the Thing that can be seen at the first moment you arrive in Malaysia. Palm tree plantation can be seen around the city which helps in getting you throughout the city. Explore the large and plastic issues as well. It makes really, superficial and real impact over the minds of the travellers.


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