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Top Adventurous Activities in Dubai

Dubai is one of the seven Emirates in the UAE which has become the foremost tourist destination in recent year. Explore the major attractions, shopping malls and adventurous activities that take you to indulge in the exciting & thrilling experience. Major activities including skydiving, hot air ballooning, jet skiing, mountain safari, snowboarding and bungee jumping which are performed under the supervision of the experienced trainers and requires no prior experience. The activities take some challenging tasks that increase the excitement of the visitors and provide a safe experience to make the trip memorable.
Top adventurous activities in Dubai increase the excitement of the travelers.

1. Ifly :-


Ifly is an indoor theme park that gives a chance to the visitors to fly like a bird. Located at the Mirdif city centre, the amazing place that allows you to fly like a bird. Ifly is an adventurous activity that allows you to fly like a bird and experience the human flight. The activity needs no prior experience as it can be easily enjoyed by the fresher. A unique activity that is organised under the guidance of the experienced trainers that provide a safe experience to the performers.

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2. Dune Bashing :-


Dune Bashing is the most thrilling experience that takes you on a real adventure of sliding up and down in the golden sand. The amazing activity that allows visitors to experience the desert. A pleasant time to enjoy in Dubai with the dune bashing that can’t be missed in life. Take light meal before going to the desert safari for the sweet and memorable experience.

3. Quad Biking :-


Quad Biking is the activity to be enjoyed in the desert which takes you to drive through the sand dunes. An exhilarating activity where high and low dunes give a thrilling experience of driving and organised under the guidance of the experienced instructors. Challenging tasks during the safari take you to slide up and down with the safety gears that are used in the activity. Hire a bike to explore the amazing golden desert that gives an incapable thrilling experience to fulfill the dreams.

4. Snowboarding :-


Snowboarding is the amazing activity which is organised at the indoor theme park “Ski Dubai” which is the most liked by the travellers. Enjoy the activities at the man-made Island which is the most liked by the visitors. A small board is connected with the feet of the performer that helps them slopping at the snow. Snowboarding is the enthralling activity that takes you away from the heat of the Dubai and offers a challenging experience.

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5. Fly Boarding :-


Fly Boarding is the amazing water sport recreational activity to experience in Dubai. The enthralling activity gives the experience to fly over the sea with the help of the life jackets and helmets. In this, a small board is connected to their feet along with the 10-meter pipe where the pressure of the water pumps into the board. An exciting activity that increases the craze of the visitors to fly above the ocean with the waves and gives a safe experience to the rider.

6. Bungee jumping :-


Bungee jumping is the amazing adventurous activity where a large elastic cord is attached to the performer to jump from the height of 50 meters. The performer jumps with the speed of 60mph and gives a truly amazing experience. It’s a type of jump where the performer jumps with the cord stretches and fearlessly by testing your trust. The activity inspires the adventurers to jump with the cord stretches to enjoy the activity.

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7. Hot Air Balloon Flight :-


An exciting experience to fly high in the balloon over the dunes to admire the beauty of the spectacular scenery of the sun-rising. In hot air balloon flight, a basket is attached to the balloon and flies over the desert. The pleasant activity is performed early in the morning in the desert area and takes visitors to enjoy the scenery with the balloon flight. Fly high above the desert to enjoy the experience of the magical ride with your loved ones. Fly over the golden dunes with a view of the spectacular scenery of the pink and golden glow of the sun shines.

8. Jet Skiing :-


Jet Skiing is an enthralling experience for the lovers of adventure that ensures the satisfaction & safety to the participants. Jet Ski is a water-creational activity which is performed under the guidance of the trained staff while riding on water, see the palm Jumeirah, hotel Atlantis and the 7-star hotel. The personal water crafts and friendly environment set skills give an enthralling experience to the visitors.

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9. Mountain Safari :-


Mountain Safari is not only impressive but an exciting activity which takes visitors to the Hatta village. During the mountain Safari, you will come across the rocky landscapes, wadis and mountains which give incredible views. Riding on an adventurous path makes your time pleasant and memorable where you explore the landscapes of Hatta.

10. SkiDiving :-


Skydiving is the spectacular way to view the drop zone which allows visitors to fall freely. The activity needs no prior experience as it can be enjoyed by the fresher for a safe and thrilling experience. Dubai offers the incredibly memorable experience with a view of the Palm Jumeirah that offers exciting time for the lovers of adventure. A safe experience to fall freely with the help of the team of the trainers.

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