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Extremely thrilling, outdoor and team building activities takes you to experience the challenging tasks in a different way. The adventure tour gives an exciting and unusual experience to the risk takers. The adventure activities can be done with physically, mentally and psychologically fit persons under the guidance of the experienced trainers. Major adventure activities like mountain climbing, paragliding, Bungee jumping, sky diving, rafting and trekking need equipment which gives a new challenge at every step. The adventurous activities provides a safe, unique and thrilling experience to the visitors. Also you can enjoy the Safari rides, wildlife and mountaineering that need no prior experience as the fresher can also try these activities for fun, thrill and entertainment.

UAE, Singapore, Malaysia and Bali are the perfect holiday destinations that provides thrill, excitement and fun to the travellers and also host some activities for the kids. Galaxy Tourism is a B2B DMC which deals in these countries and takes you on an adventure tour where you get an opportunity to mingle with wild life creatures. The adventure gives stunning experience to make your trip more memorable. The activities can easily be done with the help of necessary equipment under the guidance of the professional trainers. Here you find all types of activities suitable for every age persons that it remains for life time in your memories.

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