Bako National Park

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Bako National Park is one of the oldest national Parks located on the Island of Borneo that offers visitors an introduction to the Malaysia’s rainforest. It has abundant wildlife, jungle streams, waterfalls, interesting plant life, beaches, panoramic rocky shoreline and trekking that has made it a recognisable star attraction. Bako is notable for its incredible biodiversity as the best national parks, includes Mangrove Blue Flycatcher, Velvet-fronted Nuthatch, Abbott’s Babbler, White-chested Babbler, Oriental Bay Owl, Buffy Fish Owl & etc. Bako is one of the smallest national parks in Sarawak which is probably the best place to explore the wide range of flora and fauna that gives endless opportunities to explore ecosystem. The trails at the national park makes it a probably best place to experience wild life, hear grunting sound, see monkeys, squirrels and mouse deer. It is a good place to accompany other creatures where you will see the lizard species which are common water monitors. It also gives visitors a chance to mingle with water creatures, feeding fish and see tracks at beaches.

A guided tour that describe the whole story of the park which also offers options for walking and hiking. It has wide range of amazing attractions which can be easily accessed by a boat. A home to salt water crocodile where the striking scenery with a beautiful contrast with sandy beaches that gives you a chance to experience the rainfall in the month of November to February. Bako’s lizard species are the common water monitor which are considered as strong swimmers. Flying lizards can be seen for launching trees and gliding through the airs. Fish are found there in abundance that provides wide range of enjoyment opportunities. Cool rainforest streams takes you to soak in the sun at the pristine beaches. A chance for the visitors to enjoy fishing, feeding session and observe their activities. The best national Park for providing shelter to wildlife and aqua creatures with the unlimited fun and entertainment. Bako’s extensive trail system full day jungle trekking, relaxing forest walk and overnight camping expedition.


  • A guided tour with full description
  • Enjoy fishing & feeding session
  • Mingle with wildlife and water creatures
  • Visit the highlands, rainforest and deep blue sea
  • Enjoy jungle trekking and relaxing forest walk
  • Explore the diverse species of flora and fauna
  • See monkeys, fish, crocodile and squirrels


  • Opening Hours – 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  • Tickets prices vary as per the age of the visitor

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