Bali Safari and Marine Park

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The Bali Safari and Marine Park tour is a transformative experience, especially to those who are giving it the first try. It will increase your love towards nature and other living beings. Precisely, it is a fun day out at one of the largest and most visited animal theme park of Bali. Located in the Gianyar regency, this park covers an area of 40 hectares.
You will be riding on a safari bus and customized trams for viewing the wildlife collection in their natural environment all together in the open range regions. The safety and comfort of visitors will be the top priority. One of the best parts is, you can capture these wild animals in your camera as much as you want. You can spend some good time with family at the amusement park, and water falls within this park.
The park has more than 400 specimens from South Asia and Africa. Some of the rare animal species that you may see are spotted deer, nilgai, Himalayan bears, African Hippos, back bucks, camels, zebras, baboons, ostriches, blue wildebeests, tigers, and lions. It includes 60 species that roam free. Thus, you get a chance to see them in their natural habitat. Besides, the elephant talent shows, cuddles from baby orangutans, baby sharks at the aquarium will amaze you as well. 
It also includes a trip to the key exhibits in Bali Safari & Marine Park that are the Elephant Village or Kampung Gajah, the Ranthambore where you can see white tigers roaming freely, and Komodo dragon exhibitions.


  • Located in the Gianyar regency
  • Riding on a Safari Bus
  • Enjoy the amusement park, and water falls
  • you may see deer, nilgai, Himalayan bears, African Hippos, back bucks etc.

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