Bali Adventure Tour Packages

Bali is the paradise for nature lover as it is a treasure of all sorts of natural attraction. The spectacular landscape view with enriching greenery and vibrant wildlife, Bali offers all. This holiday destination is the best choice when it comes to adventure tourism. Visitors from around the world comes to experience its wildlife safari every year. The various adventurous tours give you a never before experience, and you want to enjoy all of them. Among these fantastic options available for the adventurous tour, elephant ride is the most popular choice. Explore the exquisiteness of safari park while sitting on the back of large Sumatra elephants.

Not just an elephant safari park, but bird park and reptile park are also a must to rejoice place in this Indonesian island. Situated at the Gianyar Regency in Bali, the Bird Park is the home of plenty of bird species that are rarely seen. The appropriate blend of flora and fauna in its surrounding supports the conservation of these species. Horse riding across the quiet beaches is quite popular among couples who visit Bali for their honeymoon. The cool sea breezes plopping all over they make this ride a romantic one.

Take a cycle ride across the mesmerizing valley in the lap of Mount Batur that encloses with every inch of natural scenery. You will come across the lovely rice terrace once you take on the exciting ATV ride that will give you with chilling sensations. Recharge your senses with astonishing landscapes and forests during the country-side trekking. The fresh and appealing ambiance of Bali and such exciting, adventurous tours will give you many unforgettable memories.

Elephant Ride Tour

  • Elephant Ride Tour is organized in the Bakas Klungkung.
  • Enjoy the Astonishing Views of Green Hills
  • Relaxing on the Back of the Elephant
  • Delicious Indonesian Lunch

Sea Walker Tour

  • you can sense the fish, beautiful coral reef
  • Scuba Diving
  • Entire Trip is of 30 minutes
  • They Provided Visor helmet, Specially Designed Suit

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