Bali Cruise Tour Packages

Explore the paradise islands of Bali in unique ways with the cruise tours. These islands are a home of beautiful marine life, super gardens and stunning sights. The water sport, boat rides, and parasailing add fun to the tour. The cruise will mainly take the tourists to the beautiful Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida islands and around the harbor.

From the adventurous Ocean rafting tour to the lavish Aristocrat Cruise, there are ample of cruise tour packages that can fit your mood as well as your budget. The different packages give you different experiences to swindle your temper.

The ocean rafting tour promises a thrilling day of snorkeling and sightseeing at the Indonesia’s best coral reefs. It is an entirely safe tour that includes the supervision of trained professionals with the highest safety standards across the Ceningan Channel. The dolphin tour promises the views of dolphins on the coastline of Nusa Dua. This exhilarating tour starts in the early morning with the high-speed cruise. The Bali Reef Cruise tour offers a full day tour packages in the peaceful surroundings of Lembongan Island. You can enjoy banana boat rides and the delicious buffet.

The Beach Club Cruise Tour let you experience the unspoiled beauty of the tropical island. It includes boat rides, BBQ lunch, and many others. The aristocrat cruise tour let you enjoy the lavishness on Nusa Dua. You can relax, sit back, enjoy the sun and the full staff service while reading your favorite journals or enjoying the onboard video entertainment. It ends with a romantic dinner to give you the picture-perfect wind-up of the tour.

Bali Dolphin Cruise

  • Dolphins frolicking in the sea
  • Enjoy the high-speed cruising around the Benoa Harbour
  • Enjoy Fruit juices, Pastries and Local Cuisines
  • Enjoy Beverages like tea and coffee periodically.

Bali Ocean rafting Cruise

  • Penida Island
  • Coastal limestone cliffs that are nearly 300-foot high
  • Bali Hai's private Beach Club on Lembongan Island.
  • Enjoy the Barbecue meal
  • Enjoy the Parasailing

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