Bali Cycling Tour

Bali Cycling Tour

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Our Bali Cycling Tour is full of amazing and refreshing activities and tours to learn, experience, enjoy and exercise by riding bicycle. Our cycling tours are full of fun and led by experienced tour guide across Bali islands. You may visit Balinese village, Kintamani Volcano, and Jatiluwih Rice Terrace. So, get ready to paddle through the islands with DMC of Bali.

Bali Attraction Tour Package

Our Bali attraction tour package includes widest range of Bali cycling tours. Enjoy the cycling downhill from Balinese local village, Kintamani Volcano and Jatiluwih Rice Paddy. Bali cycling tour offers truly authentic and amazing cycling experience as it combines coffee plantation, sightseeing, and cultural views while cycling through the amazing countryside.

Enjoy off the beaten track activities by exploring the rural side of Bali with our cycling tour. It takes you to a different paradise from the so-called tourist itineraries. You can get firsthand experience in rural Bali and explore the day to day life of Balinese locals, their rituals and customs, along with their centuries-old traditions.

Bali DMC provides amazing and fun experience in cycling trip which combines both exercise and learning of local culture. We are aimed to help you reveal the best kept secrets of Bali with breathtaking countryside. You can get up close and personal with friendly local villagers while exploring and learning.

You also don’t have to worry about safety. We use only the best equipments, well-maintained bikes, and tours led by English-speaking, professional guides who are well trained, responsible, and mature enough in basic first aid. They always show up on time and they care about your needs.

If you want to explore the unexplored in Bali’s countryside, there are different cycling tracks in Bali and our cycling tour has been designed with that in mind. There are secret back roads, off-road tracks, bamboo forests, and dense plantations to explore, along with rice paddies and villages.

We can serve tourists of all levels of experiences as our routes are very flexible. According to your requests, we can provide different types of routes from easiest to most challenging. You can easily stop whenever and where you want during the bike ride tour and take beautiful pictures of landscapes and visit the locals. You can learn even more about village lives, such as ceremonies, family life, vegetable farming, rice paddies, or even watching wood carvers at work. You can view daily routine in the age-old Balinese compound.

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