Bali Devdan Show

Bali Devdan Show

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Enjoy the spectacular and vivid Devdan Show in Bali filled with sound effects, visual effects, and high-end smoke at Nusa Dua Theater Bali.

About Devdan Show Bali

Devdan is a combined term from Sanskrit words ‘Deva’ and ‘Dhana’ which means ‘God’s Grace’. The treasures of Indonesia are god’s grace for the local people.

Bali Devdan Show is based on Treasure of the Archipelago theme which takes you to the never-seen-before journey from Bali to Java, Sumatra, Papua, Kalimantan and Papua. Saman dance and its aerial acrobatics is the major highlight for the human beings and the Creator in these five islands.

The Borneo act is famous for its beautiful love story, Java act for war scene, and Papua features lively villagers embracing the hunting festival. All in all, these performances tell the tales of diversity in Indonesian culture in the form of 90-minute long dance performances.

Bali Devdan Show Tour Package

Bali Devdan Show Tour includes vivid theater performance which combines dance and song with wonderful illusions, acrobatics, and amazing special effects. We have experienced tour guide to help you get the best views of performances. The show displays the amazing Indonesian island of Bali on a new angle.

Devdan is wonderfully choreographed, fast-paced and skillfully performed show which is designed to present the beautifully diverse and rich culture in Indonesia. The show is full of candid moments, surprises and humor.

Bali Devdan Show is loaded with wonderful performances with a blend of various traditional dances of Java, Bali, Sumatra, Borneo and Papua combined with contemporary dances. The performers also serve the acrobatics and aerial dances accompanied by hip hop music. All these performances make Devdan the most happening show ever for the audience.

Bali Attraction Tour Package

DMC of Bali offers Bali Devdan tour package at best prices. Devdan is one of the best attractions in Bali and offers the best opportunity to the visitors for a unique entertainment. Devdan presents audience with a great spectacle which is merging love, history and modern dance themes in a fun and entertaining show.

The Treasure of the Archipelago show is performed 4 times a week and offers the memorable attractions to the guests when visiting Bali. You can easily reach its location from Ngurah Rai International Airport which is located only 20 minutes by taxi or various transport modes. Nusa Dua Theater can accommodate 700 guests and stage has been planned as per international standards.

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