Bali Fishing Tour

Bali Fishing Tour

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Bali is not all about cultural tours, temple visits, sightseeing, and rice paddies. You can make your holidays memorable also with fishing tours. Our Bali Fishing tour involves certain fishing activities you can have in the ocean, such as trolling fishing, bottom fishing, and boat charter fishing in the islands.

Bali Fishing Tour Package

We have customized Bali fishing tour package to enjoy all types of fishing tours. You can embark your journey on the fishing area around the south of Bali Island or Nusa Penida. You can troll for Blue Marlin, Tuna fish, Mackerel and other deepwater game fish species in 1 hour. We are also offering bottom fishing tour where you can learn how to catch Blue Crevally, Snappers, and Scribbled Filefish.

You can also enjoy exotic open water while driving the boat when it comes to fishing. We have licensed and well-qualified captain who will escort you to the holy island of Nusa Penida or southern coast of Bali to explore the wonderful sights. On our Bali fishing tour packages, you can explore different varieties of fish, including Giant Trevally, Marlin, Tuna Yellowfin, Tuna Dogtooth, Spanish Mackerel, Mahi-Mahi, Wahoo, Ruby Snapper, Sailfish, Barracuda, and Amberjack.

Bali Bottom Fishing Tour Package

We are going to offer Bali bottom fishing tour package in which you can troll fish on the bottom of the water. It is one of the easiest ways to learn saltwater fishing and how to catch fish. You don’t have to go for long boat rides on the first place.

As the name suggests, the target of bottom fishing is groundfish, including catfish, sucker fish, bream, crappie and others. You can find a lot of ways for bottom fishing in Bali waters. The aim of bottom fishing is the same for various rigs. You can take the bait to the bottom and present the same to the fish which live in a great way.

Our team specializes in fishing in Bali. So, you can enjoy great trolling or bottom sensation in all the famous spots. You can visit several fishing locations on this fishing tour. Bali DMC offers customized fishing tours. Whether you have just stared learning or you are an expert, we have an expert guide to have a great fishing trip, no matter what your age is.

We have the best-in-class fishing equipment to have a great day with fishing. Our guides will take proper care of the equipments so there is no need to lose your valuable fishing time.

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