Bali Odyssey Submarine Tour

Bali Odyssey Submarine Tour

General info

Experience the thrill of being in an underwater world of tropical aquatic fauna on a unique submarine vessel at our Bali Odyssey Submarine tour.

Bali Odyssey Submarine Tour is the only submarine tour in Bali and the best way to explore the pristine underwater world. You can enjoy the ride in this amazing vessel for 45 minutes and go around 90 ft. deep in Bali Odyssey Submarine. The tour takes you to the rarest and breathtaking underwater world and you can definitely observe and have a unique experience of tropical fauna, such as parrot, butterfly, sergeant and unicorn fish and various bright fish species along with delicate corals.

Bali Odyssey Submarine Package

With DMC of Bali, you can rest assured that this sophisticated vessel has been well maintained with international safety standards thanks to its network with surface support craft. You can enjoy easy and smooth journey as the professional crew and the pilot will guide you. Simply speaking, you are going to have a great memorable experience with our Bali attraction tour package. A Tourist Submarine is a sightseeing submarine fleet which is being launched by Submarine Safaris Asia, Ltd across the world.

Odyssey Submarine Location

Odyssey Submarine basically starts in the east of Bali and the exact location is Amuk Bay, which is just 6 km from the villages of Candidasa towards the north and Padang Bay towards the south. It is located 75 km from Sanur at Antiga village in Karangasem Regency. To get there, you have to cover at least half hour drive.

Located out of the bay, Tepekong and Mimpang are the two islands offer some of the great and beautiful diving experience in Bali. Because of unpredictable waters and strong currents, you should treat these sites with respect and ask the dive master. These sites are the best spots to catch the glimpse of Mola Mola sunfish and water temperature is quite cooler.

Key Attractions

People of all ages can tour the submarine and its cabin has been designed by considering safety standards and cozy environment in mind. Even children and babies can enjoy the breathtaking beauty of underwater world in Bali and you don’t have to achieve expert training in diving.

You will find different types of underwater attractions, such as coral reefs, sea animals, and sea plants that can be seen from the submarine’s window. The submarine tour program lasts only 45 minutes.

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