Bali Paintball Tour

Bali Paintball Tour

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Relive your wonderful childhood moments with a great day of playing paintball in the most exciting battlefield in Bali where victory and defeat is just a matter of a second. Bali Paintball Tour is a fun and adventure tour and a combination of hide and seek and childhood games with paint gun.

Enjoy fun and adventure games with paint gun in Bali Paintball Tour and a combination of sophisticated and challenging games.

Bali Paintball Tour Package

There is no lack of game formats available with our Bali Paintball package. Basically a group of players is split into two different teams to capture the flag. At Bali Paintball tour, number of players who can play these games may be one or two, or even ten to 100 players in the field of Paintball Bali.

Enter into combat mode, develop your tactical and shooting skills, and feel the adrenaline pumping as you dodge these flying pellets of paint. Visit with the group of friends or family by booking our Bali group tour package. You will get a brief from our expert staff on how to play these tactical games safely.

History behind the game – Paintball

The origin of Paintball as a fun activity was first initiated when it had entered Indonesia. The popularity of war games actually started in the year 1970 where Jame Hale from Daisy Manufacturing made first paintball catapult equipment at the time. They used these tools for making livestock and trees. With some improvisation, there are still some people who started using such kinds of tools to play fun war games.

In May 1981, the first game between the teams was performed. There is still the doubt regarding paintball markers’ legality in some states in the US. After trials in police firing range behind the judges, the local firearms were tested in the form of paintball markers in New Jersey in 1988.

Later on, paintball has seen significant growth in trend as several paintball fields were opened for public. Paintball was first introduced in Indonesia for recreation in Bali, Indonesia. Brigade 3234 soon introduced the game of paintball to Java Island in the year 1996 as they opened locations in Gunung Putri, Bogor. Paintball continues growing by opening the Patriot Paintball in Commando Patriot (Bandung), Alam Sutera (Serpong Tangerang), Paintball Bali Pertiwi, Commando Patriot (Bandung), Paintball Stage (Medan) and it has now been spread to Sulawesi and Borneo, and even more.

Timings – Game starts 9 AM in the morning and afternoon game starts at 1PM. We will pick you up 1 hour before the time of playing.

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