Bali Safari and Marine Park Tour

Bali Safari and Marine Park Tour

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There is no better experience than visiting home to hundreds of beautiful animals like Komodo dragon, Rhino, Leopard, and other creatures by booking Bali Safari and Marine Park tour on your stay.

We are offering affordable Bali activities tour packages for our clients so they can visit the biggest safari park in the islands. You may visit Night Safari, Jungle Hopper, Rhino and Leopard safari packages at best prices.

Bali Safari and Marine Park Package

Located on a step upside between the sea and the mountain on the island of Bali, Bali Safari and Marine Park is the sanctuary where a village once settled whose people were known for believing in their love for nature and god.

They considered all the plants and wild animals as their friends. There were only a few people and several deer those days. The village lived free of tigers. They lived in harmony and peace. Today, Bali Safari and Marine Park houses 50 species, and some of them are endangered and rare. It has hundreds of beautiful creatures.

Galaxy Tourism is the Bali DMC offers attractive Bali attraction tour package which combines cultural ambience of Bali with African Savannah.

Bali Safari and Marine Park package consists of different exhibits, such as Sumatran tigers, Sumatran elephant, white tiger, Komodo dragon, leopards, and cheetah. You can spot these fantastic creatures at Bali Safari and Marine Park.

They also host Elephant shows for its mission of education, conservation and recreation. This show is literally devoted to animals involved in education and conservation projects. It is filled with a lot of excitement and you can easily get up close to your favorite animals. Bali Safari and Marine Park is the great family adventure and attraction of Bali.

Jungle Hopper

It is one of the best tours in Bali Safari and Marine Park which is well known to offer great and unforgettable tour and interactive learning experience. You can get an insight to over 100 species at the recreational park. Get Safari trip for one time, Animal Encounter, Fresh Water Aquarium, Front of the Line, Water Park and Fun Zone Rides.

Night Safari

Enjoy the amazing night safari accompanied by delicious BBQ dinner and explore the beautiful night creatures. It is such a great and memorable experience to fill the whole night with special dinner at Bali’s biggest safari park. You will enjoy different programs like animal encounter, night safari trip, walking tours, and BBQ dinner. You can also witness the fire show while having dinner.

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