Bali Sea Walker Tour

Bali Sea Walker Tour

General info

At Galaxy Tourism, we provide a great opportunity to embark on your Bali Sea Walker Tour where you will walk underwater. In this tour, we provide a specially designed helmet to dive and get into the depth of 15 ft. without having to get your hair wet and getting certification.

We provide Bali attraction tour package which includes sea walker tour so everyone can enjoy aquatic life with least stress and equipment needed. Sea Walker is actually a soft dive option. In this system, you just have to use Sea Walker helmet without using a dive tank.

Bali Sea Walker Tour Package

Explore the beautiful marine life in Bali where you can enjoy the walk under the sea and go face to face with aquatic life while breathing the way as you like on its surface. We provide the Bali Sea Walker tour at best prices so you can walk on the bottom of the ocean and explore the underwater.

You may take a trip to Sanur Beach and walk just on the bottom of the sea and explore the marine life of all types. Sea Walker is a great diving system offering a great opportunity to explore the marine life up to 15 feet deep.

Instructions for Bali Sea Walker Tour

  • Once you wear the swim suit, you can go to the Sea Walker station. It takes just 3 minutes to reach from the beach.
  • Don’t worry. Our staff will be here by your side. You will constantly get the fresh oxygen to the helmet from a hose.
  • See the marine life around you when you go down the stairs towards the bottom of the sea.
  • Our instructors will always guide you on the activities.
  • Just walk in, relax and get up close to nature.
  • You can go face to face with marine life with a different helmet design and you can take breathe just like on the surface.
  • You can still wear your contact lenses or glass and you won’t even get wet.

The best thing is that there is no need to have any personal training to get the first experience with the ocean. We have well-trained instructors to accompany you underwater all the time. You can walk on the bottom and you don’t have to swim. Bali DMC provides the best experience of Bali group tour at best prices.

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