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Helicopter tour is a truly unique way to discover the magical Island and its surrounding areas that allows you to enjoy the beauty of the place. This tour is the best way to see breath-taking views of the mountain range, tiny Islands, harbours and beaches of Langkawi like a bird which takes you to the most beautiful spots on the Island. Panoramic views of the Island, mountains, lake, rivers & lagoon gives unbelievable experience while hovering around the sky. The tour also takes you to view the sailing yacht rides in the green water of the Andaman Island. The ride is designed especially for providing an unforgettable experience to the entire family which is a perfect way to explore the extraordinary scenery of Langkawi.

It provides accommodation to 3 persons at a time which takes you to fly high above Gunung Raya. Explore the secret waterways with wide range of scenic views and photographic opportunities at the highest peak of the Island and the mangroves. Spectacular beauty of the place takes your breath by offering the panoramic views of the beaches, mangroves, magical Island and beautiful surroundings. The Helicopter tour provides safe and affordable rides under the guidance of the experienced pilots. An amazing experience with your family that takes you to view the panoramic views of the Island that gives you a really magnificent experience.


  • Experienced and Well-Trained Massage Therapists at Best Price
  • Romantic Dinner with fresh seafood and Balinese spa.
  • Jimbaran Bay Beac
  • Hub of Fish Wholesaler
  • Fresh sea food grilled on coconut charcoal

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