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Balinese people believe in harmony of body, mind and spirit. Health and well-being work hand in hand to bring happiness. At Bali Spa Tour, we provide massage services which have healing powers to release toxins, stress and improve blood circulation. At our spa, we provide foot reflexology to relieve pain in the foot area as well as body area. It revitalizes and rejuvenates your mind and body.

Ginger, herbal tea, and lemon are natural herbs. They soothe, energize, stimulate, refresh and rejuvenate our senses. You can enjoy the complete Balinese hospitality at Bali Spa tour and improve the overall well-being in a serene setting. So, visit us and enjoy the true holistic care with our Bali activities tour.

Bali Spa Tour Package

At Galaxy Tourism, we are offering tailored spa packages for wellness and pampering. There is nothing better than enjoying your time to relax, unwind, and pamper yourself to ease your body and mind of stress. We have highly skilled therapists who apply exotic essential oils, centuries-old herbs and Balinese massage process to relieve your muscles and leave you relaxed at the end.

Relax Your Mind and Body with 2 Hours Spa Packages

We have created our special Bali Spa Tour Packages to enjoy best treatment for 2 hours so you can get ultimate relaxation. In this package, you can enjoy traditional Balinese massage for one hour and spa treatment for one hour. Hence, this spa package has the best of both worlds. After having a long and tiring day of fun and tourism activities, spa is the best options to relax your tired and stressed body.

Our driver will pick you up at the hotel and you will arrive at the spa. Our friendly spa therapist will greet you with smile and make a great impression on you. Then, they will take you to spa room for relaxing 2 hours of spa treatment. We have professional therapist to have fun and relaxing spa treatment. Once spa treatment is done, you will get back to your hotel with great experience.

Enjoy the true experience of holistic care and comfort in spa room which is designed in Balinese style. The exotic tropic garden and the pleasing effect of waterfall will double the experience of Balinese massage. Our foot massage and reflexology treatments relieve stress from your feet and relax your senses as well.

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