Bali Trekking Tour

Bali Trekking Tour

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Get ready to explore the beauty of nature in a new and exciting way. We offer Bali trekking tour with different ranges of trekking programs, including Jungle trekking, Village trekking, and Mountain Trekking tour. You can start a great journey to explore different places of Bali, unique traditions and cultures. Here, you will be engaged to embrace the natural beauties of Bali with DMC of Bali.

Our Bali attraction tour package is designed to give you memorable experience where you can find peace of mind as you witness the serene green forests, ocean, lake and forests.

Bali Village Trekking Tour Package

Trek to the ancient Hindu village and discover the serene and natural beauty of Bali. We have experienced trekking guides to explain the information of customs, cultures, and traditions of daily life and rice fields and bamboo forests in tropical landscapes. You can witness the spices, fruits, coconut palm, and coffee plants en route to the finish point. Enjoy the delicious buffet lunch while enjoying the serene view at a local restaurant.

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Package

You can embrace the exotic view of the mountain in Bali with our Bali group tour package, including Mount Abang, Mount Batur, and Mount Agung (biggest mountain in the island). You will be served with delicious breakfast atop the mountain.

You can also visit residences in Bali and walk along the serene rice terrace while witnessing the farmers planting rice on the trekking tour. You can explore the jungle in Bali islands packed with flora and fauna for jungle trekking. Our trekking guide will explain the type of bird, plant and animal you can expect to see while trekking.

On your Bali trekking tour, you will explore the captivating sunrise and the exotic Bali jungle. Visit the serene and verdant rice paddy fields and Balinese residence to have a memorable experience on your trip to the island. Our guide will help you on the trip and explain all the details regarding places on the trekking trip and about the island culture on Bali.

Bali Jungle Trekking Package

Enjoy trekking to the forest or jungle in Bali islands and explore the serene view of the forest with fresh air and cool environment with friendly and professional tour and trekking guide. They will provide their best trekking services to make your experience more memorable. You can trek through the tropical rainforest in the mountain.

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