Banjar Hot Springs

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Banjar Hot Springs is one of the famous tourist spots of Bali. It is situated at 5kms South-West from the Lovina coast of North Bali. The locals also call it Air Panas Banjar. Over the time, this centuries-old hot springs got modernized after the implementation of few upgrades. The water in this hot spring is known for its therapeutic and recreational experience because it contains a higher sulphuric content. It can cure different skin problems and rheumatic ailments. It is not just healthier, but at the same time bathing here is fun as well. The water has a pleasant temperature of 37 degree Celsius. If you don’t want to jump into the springs, then you can enjoy the breath-taking sights of the lush tropical gardens. At Komala Tirta Restaurant, you can have a top view of all these hot springs. You can even shop some mementos at the bunch of art shops located outside. It comprises of four main bathing pools. The central and largest bathing pool also has a restaurant where you can have a tasty lunch at a reasonable price. Besides, you will find small shops selling snacks and soft-drinks around the steps. There are also restrooms, lockers, and changing rooms which you can use according to convenience. Moreover, spa and massage facility is also available here to rejuvenate your body. You can also visit the small temple located at the place where the water well up from the ground.

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