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Al Bastakia is the place full of world charm with narrow lanes and historic buildings, a unique architecture reflects the cultural beliefs. One of the best tourist destinations with a combination of contemporary and conventional life. Bastakia in Dubai most fascinating aspects of the area which displays the traditional life style, cultural back ground persisting in the emirates of Dubai. The old roof top wind towers that provide natural air conditioning before the district, converted into shops, cafes and galleries. A living symbol of tradition that attracts millions of visitors every year for this historic experience. A historic city centre located at Dubai Creek is one of the oldest parts which presents views of the tradition and culture of Dubai. Bastakia is known as the home for Persian merchants, deals in pearls and textiles that takes you to glittering development. The place preserved in old Dubai makes you feel the tradition, profession and craftsmanship which is a beautiful comparison between ancient and modern UAE. Visitors try to bring out the hidden mystery with curiosity, a contemporary art that attached for a tax free trading at the creek. The place is the old residential of Bur Dubai, has been recently renovated to let visitors know the lives of the rich merchants of the city. Most elegant building with a courtyard, pretty galleries, hanging old lamps takes you to enjoy the tradition and culture of the place.

Al Bastakia (Dubai creek), takes you to the true essence of the region. A home to the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding whose goal is to create a better understanding of the Emirati and Islam culture amongst the multi-cultural residents. A large no. of inhabitants like souks, old houses, small traditional shops are found in Dubai which are also a symbol for the Dubai’s life. Located in beautiful traditional houses, water colours and landscapes, calligraphy and sculptures, enables the visitors to witness the life of Dubai. The place was known as the home to the Iranian merchant, visiting the country. Al Bastakia carries rich cultural flavour with artistic design and architecture with mostly a residential area along with hotels, feels less tourist. The place has explored wide streets of this atmospheric district, the traditional courtyard providing contrast to the modern city. Houses at the Bastakia with lime stone, corals, mud and plastic. Dubai’s municipality have ensured to preserve the country’s old architecture and transforms into historical galleries and cafes.


  • Oldest residential area, souks and traditional shops.
  • Artistic design and architecture
  • Glimpse of the tradition and culture of Dubai
  • A home for Persian merchant, deals in pearls and textiles.


  • Al Bastakia is open for 24 hours

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