10 Best Attractions in Malaysia – Beautiful Places to Visit

Malaysia is a friendly country in the South East Asia that has retained its ecological charm and beauty. A mixture of Indian, Chinese, Malay and European culture with the world renowned attractions, landscapes, shopping malls and restaurants that make it the best tourist destination.  Explore the unique and amazing attractions in Malaysia that cast an everlasting impression over the mind of the visitors. It gives a memorable experience to the travelers with a view of the diverse flora and fauna, exciting sights, food courts and incredible views.

10 Best Attractions in Malaysia


Here I want to share the top 10 attractions in Malaysia :-

  1. Gunung Mulu National Park:Gunung Mulu National Park

Gunung Mulu National Park is the majestic natural destination that consists marvelous attractions. One of the most thrilling natural destination where high peaks, crystal clear water and incredible mountain trails that follow the old tribal war path. Explore the cave system where deep caves are the major attraction of the park takes you to climb to the summits of the mountains that can tantalize your senses.

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  1. Kinabalu National Park:Kinabalu National Park

Kinabalu national park is the most significant natural destination where a wide variety of animals, birds and plant life can be found.  The park is considered a home to the worlds’ largest flower Rafflesia for which blooming can be curiously awaited by the botanists around the world. Mount Kinabalu is located at the bottom of the park where high summits allow visitors to indulge in trekking, mount climbing and many other adventurous activities.

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  1. Petronas Twin Tower:Petronas Twin Tower

 Petronas Twin Towers are the unique wonders of Malaysia which include an observation deck. The 88th– storey buildings are joined on the 41st and 42nd floor including a conference room, dining room and prayer hall. A spacious garden is located at the bottom of the tower which includes a jogging track, colorful plants, walking paths and water fountains, present panoramic views. Enjoy the spectacular scenery of the city from the observation deck of the towers that can be easily commuted by an elevator. The towers are joined at the 41st and 42nd floor that allows visitors to move from one place to another.

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  1. Sipadan National Park:Sipadan National Park

Sipadan National Park is the most beautiful tourist spot which provides shelter to many fish and sea animals. The Island is famous for the diversity of the marine life where you can also find the aquatic creatures. A well-known Island which is a home to the turtle, sharks and coral reef. The Island provides opportunities for snorkeling, diving and fishing with the help of equipment.

  1. Langkawi cable car & Sky Bridge:Langkawi cable car & Sky Bridge

Langkawi cable car and Sky Bridge is the most popular attractions which take visitors high above the sea level with a view of the diverse flora and fauna. It is the most notable attraction that gives a spatial experience to enjoy the beautiful scenery by walking on the sky bridge. The cable car takes visitors up to the observation deck from where you can explore the viewpoints of the valley, mountain and more.

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  1. Taman Negara:Taman Negara

Taman Negara is one of the oldest tropical rainforests to discover the trekking, forest pathways, highest mountains and living treasure. The most popular place is considered as the natural paradise which presents the stunning views of the rainforest. It’s considered a home to the enormous birdlife and flowers where you also get a chance to explore the different animals like Asian Elephant, Barking deer, squirrels, tigers and Rhinos.

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  1. Cameron Highlands:Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands is a hill destination located high above the sea level which is famous for producing & supplying fresh vegetables. The place is the biggest tea region area and a hill destination where you can explore many thrilling rides. The place is a home to the unique and vibrant ecosystem which has been declared as the wildlife reserve. Find the vegetable market, Honeybee farm, Butterfly Park, Cactus Garden and tea plantation at the hill station. The magnificent place to explore the thrilling rides, natural beauty and amazing waterfalls.

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  1. A’Famosa:A’Famosa

A’famosa is a popular tourist place with indoor and outdoor theme parks that provide unlimited fun at the golf course, cowboy town and water world. Enjoy the archery, paintball, horse riding, target shooting, fishing and watersport creations which provide a thrilling experience. You can see the animals in the jungle roaming freely and eating fresh leaves. There is also a crocodile river, children’s theme park and beer garden.

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  1. Perhentian Islands:Perhentian Islands

Perhentian is a small group of coral fringe Islands where you can find white sand, crystal clear water, jungles and beaches. The amazing Island is a combination of Kecil and Besar which provides the best accommodation facilities in a relaxed ambiance. At night, enjoy the beauty of the myriad range of sparkling stars at the Islands. The nearby areas of the Islands remain closed during the monsoon which continues in the months of winters. It seems a good idea to carry cash with you as no ATM or bank can be found on the Island.

  1. Sri Mahamariamman Temple:Sri Mahamariamman Temple

Sri Mahamariamman is the oldest Hindu temple which attracts millions of curious onlookers. The temple gives a glimpse of Hindu culture where visitors come and devote their prayer. The temple is artistically designed with beautiful tiles, precious stone and gold. The temple has an inner chamber where you find the statue of Shri Mahamariamman and the main prayer hall where you can find the statue of Lord Ganesha. Major attractions are within the temple is the Chinatown that includes central market, Petaling street & Chinese temple which gives a lifetime memorable experience.

Top Attractions in Malaysia



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