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11 Tips for Travelers who are visiting Dubai on a Shoestring Budget

Dubai may not be the city for budget travellers. It is because this metropolis is literally not cheap and visitors should expect to spend more when getting here. Well, there are a few travel hacks we are sharing to help you save money and enjoy the journey to the fullest in Dubai. Here are some of the small tricks that can be a lifesaver for you without too much effort – 

Choose a budget hotel to stay

Dubai is well known for various luxury resorts and the world’s only 7-star hotel. Well, there are plenty of lovely and friendly hotels ideal for people travelling on a low budget. You can start searching by neighbourhood to pick these hotels. It goes without saying that hotels in Dubai Marina or Downtown Dubai are obviously going to be very expensive than hotels located in Al Barsha, where you can find a lot of budget hotels offering the best services. All such areas are located only 15 to 20 minutes of drive from each other. Ask DMC of Dubai for hotel bookings at affordable prices. 

Hit the Old Quarter

The Old Quarter in Dubai is one of the most visited and prominent historical landmarks in the city. You can see the lifestyle in Dubai during the time of trade in the Old Quarter, where Creek was the lifeblood of the entire city. Along with various attractions of Dubai, one of the best things of the Old Quarter is the fact that it is quite cheaper than other places in the city. You can enter Dubai Museum for 3 AED and sail through the Creek for 1 AED on a water taxi. Except for Gold Souk, everything has the same prices. We are the best DMC in Dubai for tour packages at a reasonable price. 

Skip alcoholic drinks 

Well, it is a hard decision for those who visit Dubai with plans to party. But you can save money if you skip the alcohol. Alcohol is definitely expensive in the city and it costs around 200 to 300 AED to spend a night drinking light. You can save a lot of cash by skipping the alcohol and visit tourist attractions and enjoy dining, or just take back your money if you follow all these tips below. 

Go to the cheap eats

Dubai is well regarded for fine dining. There are some of the world’s best restaurants which are being located in Dubai. Well, eating out can easily burn out your pocket when visiting Dubai. Only a few people know that Dubai offers great dining experiences for the people of all budgets. Even though those who want to save money will usually eating fast food, be it from local or international chains, it is the best way to save money. Of course, everyone can gain somehow extra weight on holidays. 

Hop the metro

Nothing can be too close in Dubai and it is next to impossible to walk around from one place to another. So, it is better to look for a good means of transport when it comes to the budget. Even though you can find more comfort and convenience in Uber and taxis, it is better to go for Dubai metro to get around by spending less. In addition, you can enjoy amazing views of the city while travelling in the metro. It is very clean and above the ground. So, riding the metro can be a great experience and lighter to your pocket. Book Dubai B2B tour package for the cheap airport and hotel transfers. 

Visit tourist spots with free entry

One thing that only a few people know about Dubai is that most nightclubs and several spots offer free entry to the visitors. Save the money spent on night outs. It is one of the best ways to save money. As discussed above, skipping alcohol is a great way but having free entry to the clubs is a treat. This way, you can get in without paying any cash. Women can also search for spots ideal for a ladies night out, especially on Tuesdays, when most clubs offer free drinks to female customers. You can opt for great B2B Dubai Travel deals on sightseeing. 

Stay active

Visitors usually don’t know how many places they overlook are ideal to get active and work out, which are absolutely free, while filling up all the itineraries in the city of Dubai. Instead of having great shopping and drinking scene, you can check out some of the cycling tracks or go jogging around the beach. Some cycling tracks also offer free bike rentals. It is great for the whole family to have fun at a low cost. 

Go to the public beaches

Even though a lot of visitors in Dubai prefer to stay in beach resorts, there are other options available to save money. There are also several public beaches in Dubai which are great and amazing destinations to enjoy your day.  Take a dip in the ocean or borrow beach volleyball when sunbathing. There are so many activities which are quite cheap and free for the tourists in Dubai. 

Look for free events

Dubai is also known for different sports events and concerts all year round. The city also offers a lot of free events which last all year round. It is something most people don’t know. You may have to buy your own food at these events but entry is literally free. Check the Dubai calendar online or download their app to keep up with such events. 

Visit some of the parks in Dubai

There are several parks around the city of Dubai which are absolute delights for the public along with various public destinations. These parks are amazing to spend your whole day together with family, especially in winter when temperatures are good for outdoor activities in Dubai. These spots really offer amazing greens which you cannot see anywhere in the city and you can definitely have a chance to enjoy the picnic. There are several parks here offering a safe haven for kids to play and run around, while parents can relax and kick back. 

Avoid shopping

Well, it is quite hard and takes plenty of self-control. If you want to save money when getting to Dubai, avoid shopping. Hitting up the world’s largest shopping mall is very tempting and visiting all of its 1200 shopping outlets for the latest trends and deals. Control your urges and save your money on buying unnecessary things. Be sure to save your money and hit up the main attractions of the city.

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