Dubai Top 10 Tourist Attractions

Dubai a fabulous and attractive place that attracts many visitors every year. There is so much to see and many places that surely change your mood. The attractive places of Dubai will fill you with great excitement. A person even if a resident of Dubai DMC or a visitor, Dubai has the iconic beauty and its fabulous attractions have made it a wonderful country as a tourism. Dubai has many ultimate places that a visitor has never seen in his life. A best place for photography, and full day enjoyment can makes the full utilization of time and money for the visitors. Here is a list of best and attractive scenery of Dubai that will surely make you able to plan a visit to Dubai.

Dubai Top 10 Tourist Attractions
                                       Dubai Top 10 Tourist Attractions

1- Burj Al ArabBurj Al Arab is an amazing attraction of Dubai. It’s the only 7 star hotel and 4th tallest tower of the world. This is designed as an iconic symbol and a majestic building of Dubai. This is the most luxurious Hotel and a best place for photo-shoot in Dubai. Lightening at night and fantastic view of the biggest tower that has been designed on a beach. For a visitor to Dubai, if he has not visited the great hotel; the trip would be incomplete. Only a registration is necessary for visiting the hotel. Only plan for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even for a cup of tea. You will get a chance to enjoy and view the great sights from the 27th floor of the amazing Hotel. The beauty, lightening and decoration of the luxurious hotel will make it a great place to enjoy there. As the height of the great building is 321 meter and a visitor can view the amazing sights from the great height. Its amazing lights has make it a wonderful building for the day as well for the night.

burj al arab dubai
                                                        Burj Al Arab Dubai

2- Burj Khalifa: The tallest tower of the world with amazing height, located on the 124th level of the world’s tallest tower. This tower is the amazing feat of the engineering, the highest viewing platform of the world that one can see the amazing sights and twinkling lightening from the top of the greatest tower in Dubai.At the bottom of the great tower, The Dubai Mall is located and while going towards the top of the great tower visitors can enjoy the multimedia presentation of the exciting history of the Dubai during the complete visit to the world’s amazing tallest tower. There is the advance online ticket booking for the visit, as many people visit the great place especially during the sun set view. To enjoy the views from the tower make sure for the timely booking of the entry tickets so that you will not miss the chance.

burj khalifa dubai
                                                              Burj Khalifa Dubai

3- The Dubai Fountain: The Dubai Fountain is one of the world’s amazing fountains located at the base of the great tower. The Dubai fountain is the amazing dancing fountain with different colorful lights and music. The height of the fountain is 500 ft. that is set on the 30 acre Burj Khalifa Lake and the length of the fountain is 900 ft.The fountain performs daily with over 6600 wet super-lights and 25 projectors that create a visual spectrum of 1000 abstract attractions. The performance of fountain includes Sama Dubai, Baba Yetu and also an award winning song. The lightening of the fountain shines upward can be seen over 20 miles away that can be visible from the space makes it a brightest spot in the entire world. The fountain continues for every 30 minutes.

Dubai Fountain Show Timings:

Sunday to Wednesday – 1:00 PM – 1:30 PM, 6:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Thursday – Saturday – 1:00 PM – 1:30 PM, 6:00 PM – 11:30 PM

The Dubai Fountain
                                                         The Dubai Fountain

4- The Dubai Atlantis Hotel: The Atlantis Hotel is another best creation in Dubai. This is a majestic 5 star hotel, man-made Island situated on the palm that has captured the world’s imagination. Form the beginning of your journey you will be impressed by the amazing view and dazzling world of imagination. This resort offers relaxation and excitement to couples as well as families. The hotel has pristine white beaches, world class cuisine with 18 restaurants, aqua-venture Water Park, and also body spa for the awakening of your senses.This hotel offers a unique marine habitant (The Lost Chambers) and many more fun to the visitors. It has cosmopolitan boutiques to shop until your heart is content. The amazing hotel gives a feeling of pleasure and happiness to all.

the atlantis hotel dubai
                                                            The Atlantis Hotel Dubai

5- Global Village: Global village has been the international shopping experience for the visitor vising Dubai by providing cultural entertainment. Global village has many fantastic live performances, mouth-watering cuisine and ultimate handicrafts merchandise from different countries. These merchandises are awaiting for you at Global Village. It gives Shopping experience to millions of visitors. Global village has many more attractions that includes exciting rides, games and fireworks during your visit. Global village continues till November- March, if you are planning for the March-April then it will be worth to check it through website. As Global village has become as one of the best attractions of visitors for the last 15 years.

                                                    Global Village Dubai

6- Palm Jumeirah: For the visitors, that are going to Dubai and wants a great holiday break; Palm Jumeirah is the place that will make your holidays the best and wonderful. This is designed on an artificial Island and has many attractions on this i.e. famous hotel, amazing attractions for the tourists, Water Park and also shopping malls. For the visitors that want to get relax and submerge themselves in an exciting world of leisure and entertainment. Palm Jumeirah is really a fantastic destination to enjoy with magnificent sunsets unwind in the spas, pools and gardens. On Palm Jumeirah Island, many restaurants with delicious cuisine, many day time activities, water spots, theme park and also many beautiful beaches. It has also bars, clubs and pubs that offer lots of fun even at night.

palm jumeirah dubai
                                                              Palm Jumeirah Dubai

7- Dubai Creek: Dubai Creek a fantastic attraction in Dubai, a natural sea water that visitors can take small water taxi over here. The Creek view the old trading port and dhows from the water.  The natural sea water that cuts through the center of the city. A cruise to Bridge will pass through modern and historic landmarks that presents an amazing point of life in Dubai. A walk on its bank presents old trading tradition. At Dubai creek visitors will be fascinated by the colors, lightening and wonderful views of the dhows layered of ancient routes of trade. Dubai creek is the historic focal point life that bustle the loading and unloading of dhows.

Dubai Creek
                                                                 Dubai Creek

8- Ski Dubai: In the Middle East Ski Dubai offers amazing snow setting to enjoy skiing, snow-boarding and also playing in the snow. There is something for everyone as this is the first indoor ski resort. Ski Dubai is a unique themed attraction that offers an opportunity to enjoy the real snow.Often visitors have a worry about clothing and equipment used for skiing. But now visitors don’t have the worry about anything as Ski Dubai offers all clothing and equipment to its visitors. Skies will carry you drop down the slope that promptly carry you back to the top for another fun.

Ski Dubai
                                                              Ski Dubai

9- Dubai Marina: Dubai Marina is the largest man made Marina, one of the newer attraction of tourists. Dubai Marina gives amazing views during the day as well as in the evening. Dubai Marina Mall club has been recently renowned as the reputation club in Dubai that provides shelter for over 500 yachts. Dubai Marina has many amazing buildings, great views and boat rides available. Dubai Marina is set in the heart of new Dubai, a home for super yachts.Dubai Marina has fine dining restaurants, lively sports lounge that offers exclusively opportunity to DMYC members to explore the regional yachting destination. To enjoy at Marina gives an opportunity to join the work-shops and seminars. Dubai Marina is a place of refugee throughout the week. It’s such a great fun and exciting experience to be at Dubai Marina.

Dubai Marina
                                                              Dubai Marina

10- Wild Wadi: Wild Wadi is the great water park that is themed around the tale of Juha that offers a ride of 30 meter. Wild Wadi is a great place especially known for its attraction and also its location. It has many attractions for family. The location of the park is also amazing, is located in the front of the world’s only 7 star hotel. Wild Wadi Park is currently one of the best and most popular water parks in Dubai that has many world class attractions. This also includes the highest slide in the world. In present time, this park has been a beautiful place for fun and enjoyment.

Wild Wadi Timings:

November to February          :   10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
March to May                          :   10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
June to August                        :   10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
September and October       :   10:00 AM – 7:00 PM

wild wadi waterpark dubai
                                          Wild Wadi Waterpark Dubai

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