Dubai Vacation is Incomplete without Desert Safari

Dubai stands to be the modern city in the UAE which had gained its charm and gloriousness in the trade and tourism sector. A great destination for shopping, partying, fine dining and corporate events that offer the most thrilling and exciting experience. There are many places to visit in Dubai DMC but the desert safari is the best of them all. Choose the best safari at the budgeted packages with the enjoyment of all the activities including dune bashing, sand surfing, quad biking, camel riding, henna painting, BBQ dinner & much more. Dubai vacation is incomplete without a visit to the Desert Safari where different activities give a thrilling experience to increase the excitement of the travelers.

Dune Bashing:-

dune bashing desert safari

Dune Bashing in Dubai is the most amazing activity for the lovers of the adventure where the sand dunes take the riders to slide up and down in the 4X4 cruise vehicle. Dune bashing in the golden sand of the desert ensures a pleasant and safe experience to enjoy in an air-conditioned vehicle which is driven by the experts. The activities at the desert safari are the most loved by the thrill seekers. The Golden sand of the desert looks beautiful at the time of sunset with changing hues which also gives a chance to the visitors to enjoy photography.

Dubai Adventure Tour

Sand Surfing Dubai:-

sand surfing desert safari

Sand surfing is the pleasant and adventurous activity to enjoy in the golden sand of the desert. An enjoyable activity to surf on the smooth golden sand, a fabulous experience for the adrenaline thrill seekers. A land cruiser takes visitors to the most beautiful areas of the dunes to enjoy the beauty of the areas of the Dubai desert. One of the most popular desert sports where a board is strapped to the feet of the rider which gives them truly unique and adrenaline experience.

Morning Desert Safari Dubai

Quad Biking:-

quad biking desert safari

Quad bikes are a type of terrain vehicles that perfectly run in the desert and considered a great way to experience the wonderful dunes of the golden sand. To ride a bike in the desert is really a pleasing and enthralling activity which is the most liked by the curious travelers. The most thrilling and must try activity takes you to the ride through the ever changing dunes which gives an unforgettable stunning experience. Ride over the fabulous land of the Arabian dunes for the enchanting surprises and astonishing divergence.

Camel Rides:-

camel riding desert safari

Camel ride is the spectacular enjoyment opportunity to ride in the desert by sitting on the back of the camels which are commonly known as the ships of the desert. Camel riding is an adventurous activity to enjoy in the desert with numerous photographic opportunity. The unique and amazing way of riding the camel in the spectacular scenery of the sunset for a thrilling experience.

Evening Desert Safari Dubai

Henna Painting:-

henna tattooing desert safari

Henna Tattooing is an old traditional art for the females to get their hands and feet painted with beautiful color and designs on special occasions. Although the activity is available at most of the places in Dubai including malls and spa centers which are very expensive places and charge high amount. Henna tattooing in the desert is a budgeted activity which is the most liked by the female travelers for a memorable and pleasant experience.

Belly Dancing:-

belly dance desert safari

Belly dance is the most exciting western style dance that is performed by the female dancers in the desert. Trip to desert safari is incomplete without enjoying belly dance performances near the campfire. The most enjoyable activity of the desert which is that take you to relax and indulge in the exciting experience.

Overnight Desert Safari Dubai

Tanoura Dance:-

tanaura dance dubai

Tanoura dance is a popular folk dance in the Arab where male dancer performs in the middle and junior dancers revolve around him. The dancers wear the colorful skirts and dances to the tune of the Arabic music. In this, dancers perform beautifully and artistically where the senior dancer seems like the moon and junior dancers seem as the planets. During the dance performances, visitors can savor the flavored shisha piping for a memorable and pleasant experience.

BBQ Dinner:-

bbq dinner desert safari

After the full day enjoyment in the desert, BBQ dinner is the most amazing time to taste the food of the Arab in a unique style. BBQ is a buffet dinner which is served to the visitors with the delicious delicacies of veg and non-veg meal. In this, Arabic authentic cuisines are served to the visitors to make their time memorable and worth.

Private Desert Safari Tour in Dubai

Hummer Desert Safari:-

hummer desert safari dubai

Hummer Desert Safari is a surprising activity to enjoy in the desert of Dubai. A gigantic car that takes you to explore the terrains which are the great deals other than safaris. Hummer desert safari is extremely very popular for the tourists and also considered an ideal way to explore the Arabian Desert. Before planning a trip to Dubai make sure that the desert safari is also included in your package as it is not only an activity but a memorable experience.

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