Top 10 Museum and Art Galleries in Dubai

Dubai is an exciting art center where wide range of museums and galleries gives an experience to know more about the architecture of Dubai. These are the major attraction located in Dubai which are most liked by the lover of art and every year an annual art fair makes it a most memorable and pleasant experience and give you a glimpse of the traditional artefacts in Dubai. The second largest city that boasts the extensive array of the contemporary art galleries where international artist presents their collection of arts at the best galleries and ensures you the best and vibrant art scenes. Top 10 museums and galleries are the most visited and liked place for the visitors which displays the artefacts of ancient and modern Dubai. find a list of Top 10 Museum and Art Galleries in Dubai:-

top 10 museum and galleries in dubai

1- Dubai Museum

Dubai museum is located in the Al Fahidi Fort provides the fascinating insight of the modest life of the Emirates that used to be a global business hub. One of the best museum is just opposite to the Grand Mosque displays the simple design, sand colored stone and traditional Emirati architecture. The museum contains local antiques as well as artifacts from African and Asian Countries. Major attractions of the museum is a video room, desert life, date farm, camel, wildlife, dhows and sea faring equipment. A gift shop is the last stop of the museum and after that a spiral ramp takes visitors to the southern exit of the museum.

dubai museum

2- Sheikh Al Maktoum House

Sheikh Al Maktoum is a grand courtyard structure that used to be the official residence of the grand-father of the Mohammed Rashid Al Maktoum. It has been converted into a museum in 19th century which displays the history of Dubai. The museum is located at the Al Shindagha, the traditional wind tower. It is positioned in a unique way at the banks of the Dubai Creek where mind boggling collection of the photographs, coins, documents and stamps are exhibited.

sheikh al maktoum house dubai

3- XVA Gallery

XVA Gallery is the most popular gallery that exhibits the local and international art scene of the emerging artists. The gallery contains the art of the contemporary Middle Eastern Art that shows the cultural identities and challenges. Apart from these, the gallery also features a hotel and cafe that seems really amazing. The work of art at the gallery takes visitor to explore more about the culture and tradition of the Emirates.

xva gallery dubai

4- Cuadro Fine Art Gallery

Cuadro Fine art gallery is one of the foremost art Gallery of the UAE that focus on the four key areas of activity including exhibitions, consultation, residence and education. The Gallery works with presenting lectures, discussions and residency programs. It also exhibits the fluid forms, trademarks and new works by focusing on the development of the existing talents in the region. An interesting gallery that features the promotion of the subsequent works and make it worth to visit the place.

cuadro fine art gallery dubai

5- Al Bastakiya

Al Bastakiya is one of the oldest residential area in Dubai that lies along the Dubai Creek that was being separated by the narrow lanes and wind towers. A historical district is the existing building in Dubai also includes Majlis Gallery, art and craft center. The building is unique in its architecture where a house indicates the wealth of the owner’s family. The fort is a lovely area to wander about which gives a glimpse on how Dubai looks during the ancient time.

al bastakiya dubai

6- Dubai Heritage & Diving Village

Dubai Heritage and Diving village gives visitors a glimpse of the rich culture and tradition of the Emirates. Located near Dubai Creek in Al Shindagha district which is also a great picnic spot highlights the lovely Inland resort and an ideal weekend gateway. It consists an important historical site with more than 30 buildings including workshop, souks & traditional coffee house. The center displays the remarkable presentation of the region’s past time with an experience of the culture and heritage of Dubai.

dubai heritage and diving village

7- Meem Gallery

Meem gallery was founded in 2007 that has beem established as one of the premier venues in the world. The gallery features the works of the Middle Eastern Master such as Iraqi painters and ground breaking. It boasts the innovative contemporary work of art presenting by the Canadian Artists. The most recent exhibits gives a chance to find the shops and original art piece at cheap prices.

meem gallery dubai

8- The Third Line

The third Line is a contemporary art gallery that specifically focuses on the Middle Eastern Artists. The gallery was establish with a dual purpose of presenting a local, national as well as international talents where non-profit exhibitions. It is designed to stimulate the interest of the people of art in the local area as Stunning glass, mosaic sculpture gives a pioneers of the Middle Eastern art of Dubai.

the third line dubai

9- Coffee Museum

Coffee Museum is the best visiting place that influence the Emirati history and culture with great spectrum of over 300 antique displays. Its tranquil atmosphere & rich aroma of traditional Arabic coffee offers a journey based on the Aromatic beans. Dubai boasts of largest coffee museum in the Middle East which gives more information about the origins of coffee. The museum also houses an unsupervised area with full of fun and entertainment for the kids and family.

coffee museum dubai

10- Antique Museum

Antique Museum is a handicraft center that displays the eco-friendly products including traditional gifts, furniture, handicrafts, lamps, decorative items and clothing items. The museum contains large collection of items and antiques where stones carving, shell and jute make your time worth at the museum. The museum spreads across the 4 warehouses, jam-packed and narrow passages where a large area caters to the requirements of the high quality products with computerized inventory and monitoring system.

antique museum dubai

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