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Top 13 Best Adventure Activities in Bali

Want to enjoy the trip to Bali in the most thrilling way? Are you don’t with dining, shopping and nightlife just like other tourists do? You can easily get engaged in all the touristy activities this paradise has to offer. There are plenty of things to discover than you can expect. How about racing through the forests on ATVs or splashing at the leading water park of the island?

Bali is not all about the coasts. It has a treasure of activities to discover on and under the waves. The island is best known for surfing as there are several coral reefs coming to life under the surface. Bali is definitely one of the best places to enjoy different adventure activities without spending much. Here are some of the best and thrilling activities to get your adrenaline rushing in Bali.

1.Surfing :

Surfing is the No.1 adventure sport includes in most of the B2B Bali travel deals. Bali has a range of surf spots, usually around the Bukit peninsula and south coasts. These places are attractive to the tourists looking to have fun under the sun and long rides under the glassy tubes. There are different conditions like lagoons and reef breaks making soothing waves for both beginners and expert surfers.


The Destination Management Company Bali offers several day cruises to explore more of Bali with full-day cruises in the neighbouring islands. You can take sailing boats and catamarans to embark on the fun-filled day cruises across the Nusa Lembongan Islands and its waters. You can also cruise through the hidden bay of Nusa Penida. For a romantic getaway, couples can book Bali B2B tour package which includes cruise with romantic dinner across the bay of Benoa.

3.Kite Surfing:

Kiteboarding or Kite surfing is a great water sport which is enjoying huge fame, especially cross the eastern coasts. May to October is the best time to execute the aerials and ride the foam. The wind flows at around 12 to 15 knots during the dry season.

4.White Water Rafting :

The west side in Ayung is literally beautiful along with challenging rapids. You can explore the beautiful panorama of the intact nature with the view of wild animals on your route to rafting, such as black monkeys, big cats, and magpies. You can have a thrilling and adventurous ride in Telaga Waja from the foothills of Mt. Agung. Book your adventure tours with Bali Based Destination Management Company in India.

5.Sea Walks:

It is one of the best adventure activities for people of all experience levels and ages. You no longer have to gain diving experience to walk underwater and explore the exotic marine life. You will wear a well-designed helmet connected to the oxygen tanks on a boat before going for Sea Walks. This way, you will have a constant flow of fresh oxygen to soak in underwater. You can even wear your prescription glasses or lenses. There are two main sites to go for Sea Walker tour – Tanjung Benoa and Sanur.

6.ATV Rides:There is nothing more thrilling and exciting than hitting the jungle tracks and exploring the unexplored parts of Bali on ATVs and compact buggies. You can enjoy the buggy and quad bike tours on your itinerary to discover the rural and heartland villages of Bali. It is really very amazing to hear the whiz of terrain vehicles in different types of tracks.

7.Splash at Waterbom Bali:Bali’s leading water park, Waterbom is not all about having a splash. There are around 17 thrilling slides, rides, and water sports for the people of all ages. Stretched around 3.8 hectares, this lively water park has no lack of fun activities around its pools and slides. It provides a lot of shades in its evergreen tropical gardens.

8. Go Sightseeing: Embark on the full-day excursion to explore the unexplored in the island. There are plenty of attractions to see on the island, such as natural views and majestic temples. Some of the major highlights in Bali are wide expanses of rice paddies, ancient archaeological landmarks, Kintamani’s panoramic Batur Caldera Lake, and river valleys.

9.Cycling:Explore the beautiful countryside of Bali and rural villages closely and calmly on two wheels. You can pedal downhill on the rough volcanic hills, greet school kids and farmers while going through the villages, and zoom downhill across the plantations and ancient temples. There are plenty of options for cycling through these landmarks.

10. Explore the misty waterfalls: You can also trek through the secret cascades and nature walks covered by lush green forests. If you want both adventure and peace, there is nothing better than Bali’s waterfalls. They are usually hidden in the deep forests of Bali. The exciting trip through the unexplored regions will definitely reward you with immersive sounds and vistas of waterfalls. You can splash in and wade through the cool and soothing rock pools.

11. Nature Walks at Ubud Monkey Forest:If you are a kind of adventure loving person, you should never miss visiting the Ubud Monkey forest. As the name suggests, it houses over 600 cheeky and wild monkeys. Hundreds of tourists flock to this place in each passing day. Beware because these spoiled macaques are used to bite, attack or even mug people.

Simply get a ticket at the entry point and just walk there. You can take an Ubud day tour and explore all the major attractions if you are heading from any place in Bali. It also has local temples, scenic rice terraces, world-renowned Luwak coffee, and active volcano view.

12.Tour Bali Butterfly Park:Explore the evolution of butterflies and how they are born in the Bali Butterfly Park. For animals, they have great natural habitats. They also have a nursery where they hatch new butterflies in each passing day. You can also witness other insects like giant walking sticks, Rhinoceros beetle, leaf insects, and the cute little critter.

13. Climb Mount Batur for a great Sunrise View:Are you in good shape and want to go for another adventure? It’s time to hike the most active volcano in Bali and reach the top to capture the beautiful view of sunrise. It’s a lifetime experience to view the city below above the clouds. Also, don’t miss the tasty eggs which are cooked just above the volcano.

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