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Top 8 Most Sacred Sites for a Great Spiritual Experience in Bali

Top 8 Most Sacred Sites for a Great Spiritual Experience in Bali

The spiritual and cultural side of Bali is probably one of the best things which can match the intensity of world-known natural wonders of Bali. Bali is full of spiritual experiences and you will definitely enjoy the moments of tranquility and peace. If you are looking for best places where you can discover some of the greatest treasures of the island and connect with natural beauty and spiritual vibes, you are at the right place with best Bali B2B DMC. Here are some of the most sacred sites that are lesser traveled in Bali.

Mount Agung

Mount Agung

It is more than just tallest mountain on the island. It is among the most beautiful ones honored as the land of the gods by Balinese people, especially Mahadewa, the supreme avatar of Lord Shiva. Along with the constellation of four holy mountains and splitting the island into southern and northern parts, Gunung Agung is known to be very holy by Hindus in Bali.  Thanks to the tough landscapes and mystical properties, you may want to hire a local guide from a Bali DMC. Locals and guides pray in one of these temples for guidance and safety before hiking. In this area, any kind of beef is prohibited as cows are known as sacred beings. Also, look out for restriction signs. We have the best Bali B2B travel agents to arrange the tours.

Besakih Temple


Perched on the wild slopes of holy Mount Agung, Besakih Temple is the great holy temple to be visited on DMC Bali Tourism. The temple compound consists of 18 temples stretched over vast landscapes. Hence, Besakih is known as Bali’s biggest temple. It is believed that temple was initially built by an Indian Hindu devotee, Rsi Markandeya and has become the religious center for the entire island. The temple is opened for the public but there are some parts strictly devoted to holy activities. You have to cover arms, chest, legs and other body parts to enter in. Women who are in the menstrual period should not enter.

Mount Batur


Usually known as one of the most panoramic sunrise points of Bali, Mount Batur is also one of the four main holy mountains and only a few tourists know that. Even though it is the smallest mountain among others, Mount Batur is among the most active volcanoes on the island. It is located on a huge crater which was erupted centuries ago. In 1926, a huge eruption took place and it banished the whole village. According to the legends, a holy shrine was the only landmark in the mountain temple which survived and is preserved well.  We are the top travel DMC in Bali for tour packages.

Because of its epic and amazing volcanic activity, the mountain is known as the dwelling landmark of Lord Brahma who is also known with a fire ring. Here, locals bring ahead offerings and sacrifice to the mountain in holy ceremonies so the area can be purified from evil and maintain a balance between the elements of the universe. Menstruating or pregnant women cannot hike this Holy Mountain and temple.

Lake Batur


Located on Mount Batur’s foot, this crescent-shaped lake shares the same holiness and beauty. This volcanic lake is well known for being the main source of water for the whole region of central Bali. The freshwater feeds flourishing rice fields with minerals in the area. Then, the lake is also dedicated to the goddess of water, Goddess Danu. In this lake, some of the water springs are known to be holy and are known to have healing powers. On the side, there is a stunning Ulun Danu Temple, one of the most frequented and holiest temples in Bali. You may book Bali Holiday Packages today to get there.

Ulun Danu Batur Temple


As discussed earlier, the holy Mount Batur was erupted in 1926 and banished the whole village, along with a holy temple on its foot. Magically, the most vital shrine of the temple survived. This 11-tier Meru roof is devoted to Goddess Danu. The villagers rebuilt a great majestic temple and took the shrine up to the slopes of the mountain.

With 285 shrines and nine temples, the whole compound doubles as a well-known destination, partly because of tall, awe-inspiring temple architecture with picture-perfect Lake Batur and Mount Batur in the backdrop.  The real culture lovers also know how beautifully temple describes its spiritual self for locals who rely on the goddess to flourish the fields.

Ubud Monkey Forest


There are so many features why this forest has got so much hype. It is a lush green tropical wilderness with hundreds of monkeys, calming ambiance and ancient architecture at the center of Ubud. Well, it is not all about trees and monkeys. It also houses three sacred temples – the Holy Spring temple with gushing holy Ganga water, the main temple of Lord Shiva, and a cremation temple of Lord Bramha Prajapati.

These temples are opened for religious activities only. However, tourists can still come and observe the architecture and iconic sculptures. There are also significant tree species in the forest which are mentioned in Balinese spiritual customs and most of them are known to be sacred and used in holy rituals.

Lempuyang Luhur Temple


Even more beautiful than exciting views of the mountain and rich architecture, Lempuyang Lugur Temple is also well known for its religious and cultural values. It is one of the oldest temples in Bali located on the Mount Lempuyang peak of East Bali. Climbing up to 1700 steps to the temple is also very challenging. Watch out of your thoughts and speech. According to the locals, visitors who give up mentally and complain about the trip never reach the top.

There is still a lack of documentation on the history of the temple. However, it is believed it was built when the earth was just 70 years old, along with Ulun Danu Temple and Besakih Temple. Lord Pashupati was the one who initiated this project along with his children to protect the natural beauty of the island. The temple remains crowded during holy Hindu festivals and in full moon days when devotees gather here to seek holy water and blessings.

Gunung Kawi Sebatu


This lesser-known temple is located 12km north of Ubud. It is a scenic and lush landscape with its wild hillside and ample water features like water shrines covered by blooming lotuses and giant carp, spring-fed sources of holy water, bathing spots and ornamental fish ponds with idols.  Choose our best Bali Tour Packages for best deals.

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