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Travelling Dubai with Kids – A Complete Guide

Planning a Dubai trip with the family? Here’s our detailed guide on travelling in Dubai with kids. 

Dubai is considered to be a huge, modern architectural marvel for many people. It is bold, cosmopolitan and never looks behind. Amidst entertainment options and the world’s biggest mall, its skyscrapers are big on bling.  

Dubai is among the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates. It is quite an independent city-state and it is the most progressive and modern emirate in the UAE. It is enjoying great popularity as a tourism hub over the years thanks to vast investments in this industry. It is basically a desert city with liberal politics, excellent infrastructure and great shopping scene. 

Best time to Travel in Dubai with Kids

Dubai only gets hot and hotter throughout the year. It is mainly because of its location on the Persian Gulf as well as by the Arabian Desert. No matter when you visit in Dubai, expect scorching heat. Generally speaking, winter is the best time to visit Dubai, i.e. from November to March. The city witnesses ideal tropical weather and blue skies. It is also a peak season and Jumeirah Beach remains crowded. 

If you visit Dubai in summer, i.e. from May to September, be prepared for high humidity and scorching heat, but the crowd is also less. Everyone usually prefers staying indoors to beat the summer heat in July and August. So, January and February are the peak seasons. In this period, queues are quite long and crowds are usually thick. During Christmas, the weather remains pleasant. 

How long can I travel with kids?

Dubai is such a big city and there are so many things to do. So, four to five days should be enough for you to explore them all. If you are planning to go on excursions in Dubai like excursion or desert trip to Abu Dhabi, it would be ideal to go for a week. If you have around four-year-old kids, you may definitely want to spend more time in themed parks like IMG World of Adventures and Legoland. So, a week would be better if you want to go slow. We are the best Dubai based Destination Management Company in India offering various packages for families.

Getting There

Dubai international airport is the main airport in Dubai, the largest hub of the Middle East. Emirates is the official airline carrier in Dubai connecting Dubai to a whopping 100 destinations and FlyDubai is a low-cost carrier in Dubai. Several direct flights are connecting to Dubai from major cities across the world like New York City, London, Los Angeles, Cape Town, Singapore and Sydney. 

Getting around with kids

Dubai is known to have vast public transport network. So, it is very easy to get around, even with a toddler or baby. There are free rides for kids under 5 years old. Get a NOL card in metro stations to use any public transport. It costs 25 AED ($6.80) and has pre-loaded balance of 19 AED ($5.20) on the card. It is non-refundable. You can also load it up with 1-day passes for 20 AED ($5.40). Dubai DMC in India makes getting around Dubai even easier.

Dubai Metro

It is a driverless, automated mechanism. There is a metro station in proximity to most of the tourist destinations in the city. Some of them are also connected to them through an elevated walkway, for example, one connecting to Burj Khalifa and the mall from Dubai Mall station. A lot of stations have lifts. So, you can easily take the metro with toddlers. There is also a separate car for women and children in Dubai Metro, with specific space for bags and strollers. Even better, women carriage is more spacious than others. 

Dubai Tram

It is accessible only in Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, and Al Sofuh areas. You can also hop in the tram to reach Burj Al Arab Hotel and Mall of the Emirates. There is a flat rate of 3 AED, unlike any other public transport, no matter how far your destination is. The tram is connected to the metro route. 


Taxis are quite cheap to get around. It costs around 40 AED to ride around the city and it costs 80 AED to ride to the airport. Though getting a cab is easy, getting stuck in traffic is very common. During rush hours, the main arterial road through Sheikh Zayed Road becomes a car park with ease. 

So, it is better to go for affordable car-sharing options like Uber or Careem. They are usually cheaper than a taxi. They also cost lower on per km and their base fare is quite cheaper on booking in advance. Careem is ideal for families with kids as it has dedicated seats for children below 4 years old.  

Getting a tourist visa for Dubai

People who belong to European Union countries (except the UK and Ireland) can stay for around 90 days within the period of 180 days without a visa. On the other side, citizens who belong to the US, Canada, Australia, China, New Zealand, Japan, the United Kingdom, and Singapore can avail free visa on arrival for 30 days. It can be extended for a fee and is a multi-entry visa.

If you have an Israeli passport, you should have Israeli stamps in your passport. Well, it is not the case always. Sometimes, you may not get entry to the UAE even with having Israeli stamp. We offer the best Dubai Tour Package and other services regarding travel visa.

What to wear in Dubai?

Dubai is quite a relaxed city for tourists. But you should still dress modestly. A lot of expats and tourists dress liberally in this city but we recommend respecting the local culture. Some malls also have signs warning tourists to dress modestly. 

Men can roam wearing shorts. However, they may not get entry into certain places without wearing long trousers, especially during the evening. The Emirati culture requires wearing traditional dress in public places. Local men can be seen in dazzling white kandura and Emirati ladies wear Shayla (headscarf) and abaya (robe). 

All in all, you should cover your knees and shoulders. You can wear short-sleeved skirts and t-shirts which go under the knees. Bring a scarf to visit the mosque and pack light layers. Also, wear long skirts or pants at old souk where you will find many Muslims from different countries and locals. Kids can dress as per the weather. 

You can wear bathing suits, sundresses and tank tops at the beach. Be sure to carry a hat, towel and sunscreen. Pack waterproof t-shirts and floaties for your kids. In the winter, the desert gets cold at night. So, also pack a sweater or light jacket. 

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