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Unique Travel Experiences in Malaysia You Must Have


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The slogan for Malaysia tourism ‘Malaysia, Truly Asia’ is not just like that. It has a deep meaning. The country is almost in the heart of Southeast Asia, making it a long-term natural and strategic meeting point with a multi-cultural population which is nothing like any other country. We can’t wait to delve deeper in its unique experiences. So, let’s get started.


Experience the blend of Modernity and Tradition

Malaysia is constantly going through significant urban growth. But it doesn’t mean it has completely replaced its roots. It still has Buddhist and Hindu temples as well as old Chinese architecture in some parts of the nation, especially in Melaka, Penang, and Old Kuala Lumpur. You can witness its urban landscapes imbued with its glorious past. The star motifs incorporate the Islamic and Malay design which has been added to its rich tradition. You can get an insight into the main tower areas as most shops are renovated and repurposed complexes along the roads from the 1950s.


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An ancient colonial architectural landmark, KL City Gallery is a good example and it was later restored to the modern tourist center and a mini-museum. The KFC outlet on the Penang Island and lined with Jalan Larut, which is another great salvage project, housed in one of several ancient mansions since the 1800s.


Enjoy Local Malaysian Delicacies

The food scene in Malaysia has been known as one of the most diverse in the world. When mother roots are still strong out of these different cultures, they share the long history and proximity as Malaysians have added change and additions to the dishes in different ways. You can enjoy quite a similar dish to create something inconsistent and new.


You can enjoy a bowl of spicy laksha, which is quite closer to the Thai border towards the north and it becomes more sourish by taste when you move towards the south. As a result, you can have a great understanding of how the taste of even the most simple ingredients vary across the regions and are used well according to the population and area. Hence, each part of the country has a unique taste.

Taste Plenty of International Dishes
Being a cultural melting pot, Malaysia blends diverse cuisines and cultures across the nation. You can enjoy a huge range of foreign dishes in Malaysia thanks to modern trends and globalization. The most common international dishes are Japanese cuisines from the J-Pop boom, as well as the K-Pop wave offering delightful Korean dishes. It has a huge range of food, from high-end and lavish restaurants to affordable street food.

Go for Halal Tourism

Being a virtually Muslim nation, Malaysia is one of the best destinations for Halal Tourism, where you can find the amazing things to do in the Islamic way. Prayer rooms are also available for Muslim visitors in malls to ensure that they don’t miss the daily prayer times, in case they cannot make it to the mosque. Even well-known franchises of restaurants should display the certificates having Halal regulations. Hence, products and foods used for the diners are according to the religious preferences in Islam (especially alcohol and pork free). In Malaysia, segregation is quite lenient by gender. Most of the Malaysians from all religions move along in family groups.


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Meet people from different cultures

You can mingle with the native blue Malaysians who use at least two or more languages in a usual conversation, regardless of their mother tongue. They often mix phrases from different languages, especially when people talk with each other from different cultures. Almost every Malaysian is trilingual or bilingual by nature thanks to the necessity of learning English and exposure to Malay, the national language. It is always wise to find different ways to express common feelings and Malaysians love to do so.


Join the Cultural Festivals that are held all the year round

The cultural and religious celebrations in the country are celebrated in many days of the year. Malaysia celebrates all the cultural and religious festivals vivaciously, including the lively and boisterous Chinese New Year, Hindu festivals like Thaipusam, and elaborated decorations during Christmas in the malls. It also celebrates the month of Ramadan where Muslim tourists and locals break the fast at food markets.


Enjoy the affordable living

Lifestyle in Kuala Lumpur is not as costly as world-class attractions and services are supposed to be. In fact, most activities are enjoyed for free and are cheap. Even the food is very affordable. For example, Nasi Lemak, the national dish, usually costs the only RM1, bowl of curry mee costs only RM 6 (US$1.4), and roti canai comes for just RM1 (US$0.25). However, prices might be higher in higher-end restaurants and when looking for add-ons. All in all, you can rest assured that you can always find something quality and affordable in Malaysia.


Explore rich culture and tradition

It goes without saying how the Malaysian locals still stick to their bases. You can easily find the Chinese prayer altars everywhere. You can always listen to the voices of Muslim prayers and unmistakable fragrance of incense sticks. People here still practice most of the old habits in both urban and rural areas. They still use traditional methods to cook food to keep their unique flavors alive.



Explore the rich history anywhere you go

With so many traditions and cultures to be explored in Malaysia, it still houses a rich history to discover. You can get a deeper understanding of how the people from Nyonya Peranakan were formed with a blend of Chinese and Malay cultures. Also, learn the way traditions passed from one generation to another in other landmarks, and made it a multicultural hub.


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A lot of sites still survive since before Independence, especially Penang, Malacca, and Kuala Lumpur. You can witness the religious and cultural pride in some historical complexes, including the Sri Mahamariamman Temple, Blue Mansion, and the Crystal Mosque.

Explore Varied Landscapes

The landscapes in Malaysia are truly diverse with rainforest hills, paddy fields, mangroves and beaches, tea plantations, breezy highlands, palm oil, cacti and rubber plantations, limestone formations, strawberry greenhouses, Kampung villages, and city valleys.

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