Burj Al Arab Dubai

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Burj Al Arab is the world’s tallest iconic landmark in Dubai with lots of majestic buildings that fills you with lots of wonders to give surprising experience. A striking sail shaped building set on an island is more than just a stunning hotel is the living symbol of modern Dubai. Dubai is a land of richness is more than just a hotel, magnificent architecture and the amazing scenery fills you with lots of wonders. The building surpasses 1000 feet in height consists 202 bedroom suites is one of the most distinctive structure in the world. It stands on an artificial Island 280 meter far from the beach in the Persian Gulf, presents panoramic views of the city. It is connected to mainland by a curving path and the hotel doesn’t have ordinary rooms, it is divided into 202 duplex suites. Smallest suite occupies area of 169 sq. m, largest occupies 780 sq. m as it’s the most expensive hotel in the world to stay in. world’s best 7 star hotel is the amazing architecture and extraordinary building provides finest services for accommodation and food facilities. Experienced, friendly and soft spoken staff provides best services Amenities also include 9 restaurants and bars, 4 pools and a private beach. It features city views, free Wi-Fi, flat-screen Televisions, butler services and also includes snooker tables, libraries, cinemas and private elevators. Delicious buffet, parking, and water park, spa, a fitness centre and a kids's club.


  • Most luxurious hotel on an artificial Island
  • Dubai's 7 star hotel (an iconic architecture)
  • Symbol of modern Dubai
  • Finest services at restaurant and hotel


  • Any time you can go
  • Just make a booking for visiting the hotel

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