Christ Church, Malacca

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Christ church is an Anglican Church in the city Malacca which is built in the colonial architecture and covered with Dutch tiles and walls. The ceiling rises and spanned by wooden beams which are covered with a single tree and a huge white cross at the top. One of the most dignified structures in Malacca which is a beautiful collection of potted plants and a colourful group of trishaws lined up for the tourists. It is built in the Dutch colonial architectural style that is spanned by wooden beams and the roof of the church is covered with Dutch files and the walls are raised using Dutch brick. The floor of the church is paved with the blocks of granite which is originally used as the ballast for merchant ships. A popular attraction with handmade pews & decorative lights that honour the Dutch Soldiers and locals. The church bell was used for the purpose of prior of completion of the church. The administrative record of the church’s collection is to survive through the centuries. The state of Malaysia is packed with the south of Johor Bahru which was simultaneously noticed as the hub of Eastern and Western trade routes that formed the passage of Island in Melaka.

Apart from the small churches, Christ Church is the most attractive heritage in Melaka that has gone through several stages of governing different colonials that attract many visitors to visit the most distinguished building. An amalgamation of the Portuguese and Dutch Empires where the traders of Dutch occupied the state of Melaka to inaugurated Church. Special rides are also available around the vicinity of the Church which is built as one of the tempting monument with the keen interest to visit its historical background which is still kept alive. There are many best things to do in Melaka where the material of the monument is made of red bricks and white cross that can be seen from the top of it. The Church was built as a place of worship that is furnished with Nyonya commercial and residential blocks which present the most spectacular views.


  • Church bell & Church administration records
  • An opportunity to dive with the sharks
  • Silver altar vessel & Altar Bible
  • View amazing architecture
  • Know about the history of the church
  • A tempting monument which seems still alive
  • Explore the major attractions from the toph
  • Amazing views at the outside of the church
  • Nearby attractions are Victoria fountain & windmill

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