Climbmax Singapore Adventure

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General info

Climb Max is a high rope adventure course with 3 levels containing 36 obstacles requires the physical fitness due to degree of difficulties. A project venue for team building adventure along with para jumping & mega jumping. This is done under the instructions of the experienced & well trained staff for the safe adventure. Blue or red line buses and car parks are available to commute to the Climb Max adventure park.

Climbing through netting, swaying bridges & jumping across gaps through an aerial rope course is challenging for everyone. High ropes, zip lines, climbing walls are a great way of getting over a fear of heights by facing the adventure. As a part of climb max, visitors have to choose 2 levels out of 3, to overcome the fear of heights this will be a great workout of arms.


  • Climbing across netting: this obstacle is an adventure to climb through the net with a maintained balance.
  • Jumping across gaps: another adventure of climb max, visitors have to jump through the gaps to successfully complete the level.
  • Swaying bridges: To run across a wide swaying wooden bridge and move from one swing to another.

Things to do:

  • To overcome the obstacle
  • To face the challenge at every level
  • Covered shoes are required
  • Face fear through high ropes, zip lines & climbing walls

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