Dubai Aquarium & Under Water Zoo

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A real experience of underwater life takes you to a luxurious journey, gives you enjoyment that you wouldn’t like to leave the place while spending your precious time there. The aquarium represents the largest collection of sharks and rays gives incredible experience as the ambiance of the tank depends on the time of visit. Experience the rarely found species that can’t be found anywhere else in the world, presents a non-avoidable offers for you. Best and comfortable hotels will make your trip comfortable that you will also get a chance to reveal the beauty of the vibrant place with many mesmerising activities. The aquarium holds millions of water in the tank as its one of the largest in the world which is a home for more than 33,000 aquatic animals.

Underwater zoo is walking along rain forest, rocky shore and ocean environment came face to face with dangerous piranha, giant catfish that has a suspension bridge over the river and some hardy rocky pool. Sandy sharks and stingrays filled in the tank takes you to the adventurous destinations, as the aquarium is an astonishing wonder where you will have variety of adventures and fun. A fantastic experience of magnificent underwater life along with family and friends gives you a fish eye view while taking a stroll on a 48 metre water tunnel. The largest water tank represents species of sharks in glass boat tour to get wet in snorkelling cage which is an oxygen tank for you to swim with the sharks in deep Ocean.


  • Deep Ocean with sharks and stingrays
  • A stroll against 48 metre water tunnel
  • View more than 33,000 aquatic animals
  • A glimpse of underwater life of rarely found species.
  • Also visit Dubai Mall on the 3rd floor of the same building.


  • Opening Hours:- Sunday – Wednesday (10 AM to 11 PM) and Thursday – Saturday (10 AM to 12 PM)
  • Tickets charges will be for entering the Zoo
  • Tickets will be valid for full day

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