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Dubai Zoo is one of the major attractions for those who have particular interest in the many kinds, types or species of animals. The oldest & fantastic Arabian zoo in UAE, which is loaded with each kind of sports, fun and activities to can keep you entertained all the time during your stay in Dubai. Otto J. Bulart was permitted by Sheikh Rashid Bin Maktoum to let it built in Jumeirah in the year of 1960. It has become an important landmark with a central location in the Jumeirah area. A full and unique zoo filled with a variety of great animal species today. Dubai Zoo has visitor-friendly environment and properly accommodation of the animals and birds. Located opposite to Jumeirah beach is divided into 5 sections of land area that considered an essential milestone of the city. Here you will find water aquarium for fish & many different creatures like bears, deer, giraffe, hyenas, chimpanzee and mandrills. It has world’s quickest running fledgling like parrots and many more. It keeps up an extremely suitable environment for each types of creature, fine breed of chimpanzee and Arabian wild cat.

It has become the popular attraction that increase the interest of the tourists. An extraordinary place for the fun and enjoyment with modern services through small houses & ethnic Arabian species that comes under fire for the situation for boarding the animals. Zoo has formed ideal conditions for the protection of Tigers that undergoes the relocation and redevelopment of Animals to live in these areas. It is designed to be as similar as their natural environment where you will able to see animals like the Arabian wolf, the unique attraction which is no longer present. . Getting the chance to view these beautiful creatures includes large cats, primates and birds of prey may be a once in a lifetime experience for you. Another reason to visit the Dubai Zoo relates to the affordable entrance fee which offers on opportunity to see a number of beautiful animals and enjoy their activities.


  • See amazing creatures of the world
  • Mingle with different animals and birds
  • Rare found creature like tigers, Arabian wolf etc
  • Also view the colourful water animals


  • Opening Hours: Wednesday to Monday – 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Zoo remains closed on Tuesday
  • Entrance fees to visit the Zoo

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