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Have you ever wondered the pleasure of an Elephant ride? Well, it an exclusive sensation that can not be described in words. The Elephant Ride Tour of Bali gives you the opportunity to experience it. This tour package is a perfect blend of riding Elephant and day sightseeing.

The ride let you enjoy the stunning natural scenes while relaxing on a teak chair on the back of Elephant. This Elephant Ride Tour is organized in the beautiful village of Bakas Klungkung regency. This rural location is present at the beginning of Bakas Levi Rafting, which is a famous tourist spot in Bali. The interesting part is you can combine this tour package with other Bali tour packages. The Elephant Ride tour of Bali comes in two packages. They are short-ride and long-ride on the Elephants back.

The short ride includes 15 minutes of Elephant ride only. You will roam around green bushes and the pathways of the Elephant park. The long-ride is more interesting, as it includes 30 to 60 minutes of Elephant ride depending on your selection. You will roam around the river bank and green bushes. You will enjoy the astonishing views of green hills while relaxing on the back of the Elephant. The most interesting part comes when the elephant steps in the water.

Both of the rides include a welcome drink as well as a delicious Indonesian lunch. It also includes Elephant tamers service and the entrance fees to the Elephant park. The ride is completely safe, but still, it has the coverage of insurance. After finishing the ride, you will be transported back to your residing hotel.

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