Gunung Raya

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Gunung Raya is known as the highest mountain in Langkawi that offers spectacular views of its surrounding areas and Andaman Sea. It’s a popular destination with dense rainforest which is full of amazing flora and fauna where the mountain trek takes you to see wildlife such as flying fox, flying squirrel, leafy monkeys and hornbills. Visitors can easily drive at the summit by a car or taxi that takes 25 to 30 minutes to reach from the bottom to the top. . There is also a small park, museum, satellite control tower and restaurants which offers awesome panoramic views which is quite scenic and enjoyable. A watch tower that belongs to the resort which provide best accommodation and takes you to enjoy the amazing views of the Island. View the most amazing parts that takes you to enjoy the views from the top of the tower. On the way to the mountain peak walk through the steps and tiered waterfall which takes you to the summit of the mountain. The tallest mountain in the centre of the Island that can be reached by the paved roads of the jungle. The best time to visit Gunung Raya is in the months of winters which is relatively clear with no rainfall.

A fascinating attraction with height of 900 meter which is just off to the southern coast of Thailand takes around 13 minutes to climb over the horizontal distance at the top. A small teahouse which is a good chance of spotting the magnificent great hornbill near the road. A small park and a museum is at the summit of the mountain which can be commuted easily by a car or a taxi through a road. The forest covers the major area of around 5000 hectares where you find a sprawling golf course at the base. A place where treks are timed in such a way where you get to see wildlife during daytime or after dark. It is a home for the wild bellied sea eagles which is a beautiful spot. The resorts operates a spa centre and tall viewing tower where visitors can enjoy the best views and savour delicious food at the restaurants. A great place for nature enthusiasts that make it an ideal destination for jungle trekking.


  • Enjoy at park, museum and waterfall
  • Easily commuted through roads by car or taxi
  • View diverse flora and fauna
  • A golf course at the base
  • Best accommodation, spa and dining at the nearby resort
  • A beautiful spot to see leafy monkeys, flying fox and hornbills
  • A destination to enjoy jungle trekking

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