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Jumeirah Mosque in Dubai is built in traditional Fatimid style, dedicated to receiving guests from all regions who don’t know much about the Islam and its traditions. Extraordinary beauty of the mosque, shinning and glittering lights attracts visitors to take bath in the peace and serenity of the place. Masjid is the Arabic word for Mosque where guests are allowed to cover their heads and remove shoes while entering the Mosque. The holy day of the Islamic week is Friday, on which day all are commanded to go to the Jumeirah Mosque for prayer. The mosque has a great value that tells its own story of unaffected serenity to mesmerize you by the amazing beauty of the place. Tour to Jumeirah mosque is organised by Sheikh Mohammad Centre as it gives freedom to visitors to ask questions about Islamic culture and religion.

Most visiting place to amaze you on your entire trip with outstanding glorious living in the light gives unique opportunity to learn about Emirati culture, region in a relaxed, open atmosphere at the landmark. The mosque is combined with modern building materials that aimed at promoting cultural understanding and first-hand experience as an insight to Islamic region. Visit to Jumeirah Mosque makes apparent to a photographed land mark, especially when it lit up against an evening sky. It is preferable to wear tradition dresses before entering the mosque which can be borrowed from the mosque, modern dresses can also be worn. A dominant landmark of Dubai city that allowed visitors to take camera with you for photographic session inside the mosque. Open Doors, Open Minds policy are designed to bring different nationalities together.


  • Cover your heads, arms and legs
  • Remove shoes while entering
  • A glimpse of Islamic culture
  • People from any region can entered in the mosque
  • A peaceful place to make mood relaxed
  • Extraordinary beauty and architecture


  • Time to visit – 09:00 AM – 5:00 PM (except Friday)
  • Ticket varied according to the age of visitors
  • Pre-registration is required for entered the mosque
  • Can commute easily to the mosque

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