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The only largest park in South East Asia is also an ideal space for the bird's lovers which provides shelter to more over 9000 bird's species. A place where you will come close to the largest bird, witness the flight of the heaviest bird of prey & also encounter the rarest species of birds. The first place to start your journey for the park is Penguins Park where you will find the atmosphere according to the comfort of the penguins to enjoy the bird talent show. The park is a soothing place and environment adds extra flavour of comfort while enjoying the several attractions at waterfall aviary, jungle jewels, Penguins coast, flamingo lake & Pelican cove. A wild life reserve to watch birds show and talented parrots amuse you with their acrobatics & linguistic abilities over buffet lunch. Flamingo lake is one major attraction of the Park and it's must be visited as the architecture is designed in such a way to make you feel to be in the real forest surely light up your mood. A best place for under water pelicans that make you laugh throughout the day.


  • Lunch with the parrots while talking & singing with them
  • Witness the largest bird's aviaries and man-made waterfall
  • Rarest feathered friends to impress bird's lovers
  • Enjoyment at flamingo lake & penguin's park

Things to Know

  • Opening hours: - 8:30 AM - 6:00 PM
  • Tickets are necessary for entered in the park
  • Witness world's largest birds of prey
  • It's a tropical rainforest in the world

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