Kek Lok Si Temple

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Kek Lok Si is a Buddhist Temple, standing on a hilltop near Penang Hill which is a well-known attraction facing the sea. An important pilgrimage centre for the Buddhist is divided into three main Zones where you find a tall Bronze statue of Kuan Yin, the goddess of Mercy. It is also said that the Goddess Kuan Yin is a blessing for the childless females to beg for the child. The temple comprises a series of Monasteries, prayer hall and beautifully landscaped gardens which is also called a “Heavenly Temple” that also comprises entrance hall, souvenir, stalls for food and drinks. A major tourists’ attraction where you also find the statue of Lord Buddha and many more where locals and travellers come to visit or worship. Devotees assembles daily at the prayer hall to devote their prayer. There are 12 animal statues which represents Chinese Zodiac and a tortoise pond that is a symbol of strength and spiritual liberation. The Island is located at the foot of the Penang Hill with amazing architecture internally and externally. The temple is decorated completely with sparkling lights at the time of festivals. Explore the collection of ornaments, books, pictures and strings that reflects the Chinese community.

The temple of Supreme Bliss symbolizes the harmony which is another popular highlight. Amazing architectures of the temple are woodworks, pillars, stairways and plethora of attractions that adds visual spectrum. A unique heritage treasure with Chinese and Buddhism rituals gives amazing views of the Penang. Find millions of images and beautiful carving sculptures which is considered a centre for Chinese and Buddha techniques. A three storey Shrine with large Buddha icon, sprawling garden, bell tower, flower garden and prayer hall. The place takes you to the magnificent scenery of the place with beautiful carving sculptures and images. Steep flight of stairs takes you to enjoy the panoramic views from the top of the pagoda which is another popular highlight that symbolise the harmony. Located on the hill side, the temple is a shrine filled with statues and courtyard which is the major tourist attraction.


  • Turtle Pond, fish pond, tower bell and gardens
  • Statue of Kuan Yin and lord Buddha
  • Amazing views from the top of the Pagoda
  • Annual Events: Chinese New Year
  • Prayer hall with magnificent architecture
  • Kuan Yin – a blessing for childless parents
  • Explore the collection of books, ornaments and pictures


  • Opening Hours: Daily 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM
  • No entry charges are applicable

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