Kellie's Castle

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Kellie’s castle is a mansion located in Malaysia which was built by Scottish planter beside Raya River. One of the oldest ornamental ceiling with dining room that presents the exhibition on life and work. An Art and craft garden is outside the castle which is fully furnished with roses, herbaceous plants, fruits and vegetables. The popular tourist attraction is an unfurnished ruined mansion which is a symbol of power and richness. A prominent structure is used to be a home for the European family which is designed with 14 rooms, 4 storey tower & flat roof top that overlooks beautiful surroundings. The unique building that was destined to be a magnificent structure with secret underground water tunnel. The rooftop was reserved for an open courtyard which gives more information about the place. As there are some interesting stories behind the castle which are most liked by the visitors. It is advised to know about the history of the castle while visiting Malaysia. Old mansion is on the left side and new castle is at the right side with amazing garden views where many locals and travellers can visit inside the castle.

The castle is a well landscape that gives you amazing views from the rooftop of the mansion which can be easily accessed by the narrow stairs. The area of a damaged structure takes you to enjoy the excellent lightening at the castle. Different signs tell you about the direction of the sights where you also enjoy the cool wind. The rooftop is covered with dark carpet that’s why the area can’t be so hot even on sunny day and gives a chance to visitors to click some photographs with family from the highest point of the castle. An old and incomplete castle with a blend of Scottish, Moorish and Indian Architecture that stand majestically to make it the most interesting sight in Malaysia. Visitors love to ascend to the rooftop for a scenic views which takes you to admire the various architectural elements. An interesting dark, cold and noiseless place which is believed to be a hiding spot that features tennis court and an entertainment courtyard is at the floor of the castle where construction of the building was abandoned. The rooftop offers the panoramic views of the surroundings which consists oil palm estate, gentle stream and wide range of mountains.


  • Amazing views from the rooftop of the terrace
  • Visit dining rooms, corridor and also secret room
  • a large water tunnel to link temple and tunnel
  • View spectacular scenery from the rooftop
  • View various architectural elements
  • Amazing garden outside the castle
  • Enjoy photography


  • Free for children below 6 years
  • The operation time is from 9 AM - 5 PM
  • Saturday & Sunday – 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM

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